That day

That day has arrived
The one I thought will never come
Oh! Not for him at list
For he’s the greater one of all,
Oh! The black dark cloud fell

I used to sit outside the house,
The one I used to call a home,
With the man who made it whole
And talk about the tricks of life,

“My child” he often said
“Life is not a rocking chair,
If you want to make it big in life
Climb the rocks it throws at you
That way you’ll bit the ousts”
Yes I miss the good old days,
But today that same old chair
Gives me nothing but lonely dreams,

The big day arrived
For me to call it quits
And start to form a list,
Of thing I’ll do onwards,
From sowing scats to learning quads
That way holly troops will fall
And I’ll be pointed to a direction.

That crazy day perched
When every one’s head is pink
And every one is soon to Greek
Unless you give your self a check
And try to find a decent job.

That final date landed
For those who plaid the game of life
For life is now, tomorrow gone
And then you’ll have to leave behind
The ones you love and work undone
But then you know you plaid your part.

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