I will look back

I wil look back at my life
At my past and yesterday
I will look back at all that has crossed path with me
at the intercession of life
I will look back at my dreams
all that I have managed to dream with my eyes opened
and all that remained only as dreams and only came
at the close of my eyelids under the warm shinning summer’s moon
on the beautiful glowing with glister black dress

I will look back at all the folks with their different strokes
that I have met and soon had to part with
as such is life,season for reason and those
that have stuck with me and are deeply rooted in my being

I will look back at the lessons I have collected thus far
some carved on my skin and bones,
whilst others rooted deeply in my heart and flowing
to the veins of my brain as a constant reminder of life’s curves,
hills,thorns,blades and swords

I will look back at the lines that run deep on my face,
due to the manier times I have smiled and laughed.


  1. I’m impressed, well I didn’t expect this kind of writing from you, I will look back and wonder why I didn’t see the hidden poet.

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