Today is a day

Today is a day like no other today is a day that I mourn my dear Brother,
A man I knew growing up side by side a man I lost when he died,
A void is left in his place this man was a man of humbleness and grace,
His loss is like a mountain exploded and left the dust as it has folded,
His eyes once shined and voice once heard a voice that was never feared,
The way he sat and spoke at times you would swear he was waiting just to rhyme,
This man I knew until thirty two and now he is up there amongst the chosen few,
His room stays the same and nothing has changed but the emptiness we feel is viewed in a frame,
That smile he had a warm one I might add made is seem like he was never bad,
My brother has left a void in me his humbleness has set me free, this void I want no one to see,
His pictures hang upon my wall but that’s no consolation for when he was called,
His heart was loving and his arms were wide he held me tight as a brother by his side,
The date is one I will always remember this is the day I lost a member,
Known to me a Sebastian this a man without a question,
He grew up with a name called Bill, but this was because of his size and not his will,
He filled a house with joy and laughter this big man made it all as a crafter
He loved the water and having fun, birthdays to him was the time in the sun,
He celebrated with me and my kids and to him they were his all, o how seldom we remember the small,
My brothers gone and his life has ended I miss you man and the sorrow is not pretended,
Your heart was big and your hands were too I need someone to hug me that’s someone’s you,
My back you cracked with your big arms and strength I needed that man from your palms,
We played golf and lessons were taught but now recently I feel distraught,
My brother my brother, there is no other my brother my brother today is a day like no other….
I fixed your car as best I could but I knew that that was not any good,
The day I carried you off to rest I tried not to cry with any success,
Your grave was dug and the lowering began I felt as if it was a plan
You’re gone today a year ago we will always remember you BILLO……
Finding comfort in the heart of the brother dealing with our loss gone but not forgotten, I miss you Boss
As a child growing up and he use to dance the DOGGIE was the one dance I would never chance,
He loved his mother and father dearly every day to him was he would give them a call sincerely.
This huge man with a heart of gold to all of us as family he left us with a piece of
His life a mould…
The memories we all can share in pictures taken during his life reflect his smile and not his strife,
Taken too soon as we all can say but by him leaving he has paved the way.
Today is a day I mourned a brother, today is the day like no other,
Today is the day we shed our tears, today is the day we remember our fears.
His smile is upon us no matter what and he would want us to remember him for a while…


  1. Very touchy and I am sorry for your loss.

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