Archives for March 10, 2014

Her enticing bliss

There came a moment I wanna
maneuver mitted thoughts
As I lunged into the charm with her
hand in mine
Her instrumental deodorant was sweet
It pulverized the blasphemy
In her comely eyes I pulsate and bond
As she possess acts of intimacy
Filling life with the bliss of mystery
Her ecstasy exult me to the ultimate end
Deep down there, in her eyes the holy
waters burst
Grasping a demure smile as she grovels
me underground
She is my nightingale at night
And my lighting ale whenever I seek a
A ligament that ties my bones together
I am besotted in romance
I beseech God that I see thy face daily
From the hills of my heart, you replenish
You repose all my days in celebration
You are the sunshine that cradles my
The angel that pushes the dark clouds
And the sound you make to my bed, so
It creates scads of harmonies to my ears
Thy enticing rhythmic bliss touches me
Then I quietly stumble my feet in
heaven for a minute
Drowning my very last tears to the
Like summer’s rain, conveying an
unencumbered joy
Akin to that of a child in due fall of snow
She is the bliss in my heart

Born to Write

I was born to write
Yes, it’s my birth right
As I grasp my pen and ink overflows, my paper is suffocating
As my hand struggles to live up to my expectation
What happened to education
Oh I am lost in confusion
I hope this is all just a misinterpretation
Whatever happened to inspiration? Motivation?
Lets blame it on the television
And these words come alive in a lyrical form
And thats how I know it’s not just a poem
But a beat of life
As these words flow in riddles
My mind untwists misunderstood concepts
These concepts create a rhythmic movement from my mind effortlessly
Ever so free
This is not to make sense
I’m an entertainer
Let each line be a lesson
Let me give you a reason
To listen.