Archives for March 14, 2014

A beastly augury

As dawns wake quintessence eyes, ere
the mist
Alternated importunate twilight, loomed
a beast
Fostering a scare sighted inglorious slay
Veiling my dream’s page, adorning war’s
Against the deities of love, peril to
harmony’s immortality
I call this beast anodyne negligence, a
foe to peace and tranquillity
-how can i escape this mammoth brute
even when aforethought?
‘And perhaps I’d decipher from the
dwells of melancholy’
Let I be, an ardent of true romance, and
enchant love with sparkling eyes,
Glow art and poesy entrancing a
rhythmic melody in seven’s skies
Dire beguiled beauties embraced by
seduction and portentous lust-
Let I be, a rising dormant, glimmer
against my mirthless adventures
That is induced by the thrust in nature’s
Without sense, – against the heart’s
illusions, just as ‘tis day gone
Allow love’s sword dethrone the
scourged beast, ending its insane miscast
Such that I beseech a potent spell, and
evoke the divine benign I grasp
-But the monster hath nought
decomposed me, for I breathe
Sacred to trinity, immersed into the
sweetness of love and romantic

Edelweiss in the high alps

Dear noble white, you’re small yet
warmly wooled
Flowing along the leaves,
Like a tuft among other flowers
Oh, wild high-mountained root
A figure of rugged beauty and purity
you are,
Your dense hair appears in golden
Certainly not toxic, but a remedy to
the weak.
In remote areas you tend to be
Like antidote to undefined chronics.
You, the ultimate allure of the Alps
Who endears the love-struck young
Through crags and ledges
In the high Alpine of Eden Europe,
You crush them wordlessly
I am aware, of multiple quests made
How many had fallen – succumbed
to exposure.
Nobody seems to hold your key,
The one to crack your weather
Furnished from heavenly forge, yet
rarely gazed.
So I ask “will you take me as I
“Here as I stand”