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Fear not rejection because it fuels passion,
somebody saying NO is Gods way of saying work with what you know.
Fear Not judgement, as people only judge that which they do not know.
When Judgement arises, turn the other cheek, at least try to be indulgent.
Fear not failure because it serves as proof that you took a test.
Though your efforts remain inefficient, this, your true zeal attests.
Fear not repudiation as this arises in situations where others fail to pay recognition to your cognition.
I believe that hate is the chronic ailment that has left the world in a defiled Condition

It all adds up

We live in a world where people submit to the laws of governance and religion
We are constantly surrendering to all the things that forcefully design our vision.
makes me sick to be the only one seeing what everyone else is missing.
Frowned upon by my peers, got everybody thinking, He’s weird!
how they stare at me as I sit alone with my thoughts enjoying a cold beer
As i sit there and think..”If their dreams were half as Colossal as mine only then would they understand me.”
I’m tired of watching the world fall apart, I’ve got a lot to say, my mental activity is off the charts,
In the past, I swore to never go public with my art,
but doing so hasn’t helped much, not for the most part
So best believe I say this…with a heavy heart.


Mo’ Money Mo Problems

More money, more problems turned out to be true;
I thought having it all would let life have a better point of view;
I’ve blown more snow than Everest’s peaks have ever seen;
I’ve got all I want or need, nothing to stop me;

I’ve found without boundries in between;
I’m slowly deteriorating;
I wish I could go back in time;
To when I prayed for better days every night;

When even one dime was hard to find;
Cause now my bank account has no limits at all;
And it makes temptations harder to fight, so it’s a never ending free fall;

People around you are fake;
Friends you knew for years have changed;
People go out of their way;
To treat you like a god in hopes you throw cash their way;

They start simple convo but “Can you help” is the next thing they say;
Now I avoid those I held close to my heart;
Cause instead of cash changing me it changed them pretty fast;

I got to analyse every word I hear;
And I wanna be distant towards those I’m supposed keep near;
I worked all my life just to get here;
Now I’m looking back at poverty with tears;

Who knew I’d miss the days I used too hate;
Who knew fortune and fame would be so hard to take;
It’s a burden I want to give away;
I want to go back to when people treated me like a normal man;

I know this seems hard to understand;
How could I want to not have anything I want, when I want at anytime;
Just one swipe and the world is mine;
But when you go to resturants and everyone treats you like a King;

And you know they only doing it to get something;
I hate the fake, I always have;
And now I have to face it all the time, it makes me mad;
I thought this is what I want, the world as my slave;

Now that I have it I miss my darker days;
Money people said would change me, that’ s not the case;
It changed the world around me and shit is strange;
To think God died and the world is now at His beg and call;

I tried to wear His crown, but it’s become too heavy and it’s starting to fall;
”What does it profit a man to gain the world but to loose his soul” I never understood that phrase;
But now it’s as clear as day;

I’ve even tried to give as much cash as I can away;
But my bank account never seems to fade;
I’ve bought all I want;
I don’t even want anything anymore;

I aint trying to brag;
This is wisdom from an experienced man;
Listen to the words I say;
Don’t chase money or fame;

I’ve chased it all my life while neglecting things I wish I still had today;
I wish I could go back to when money was far away;
I’ve become too succesful now so it’s too late;

If I could redo things I’d have treated her right instead of pushing her away;
I’d have never pursued money or fame;
Perhaps I’d have true love now and even a family;
Instead I’m surround by cash but I’m ever so lonely

What they didn’t know

What they didn’t know

What she didn’t know was that she’d received the bursary from the University and the acceptance letter was coming that day, after countless rejection letters, when she drank those tablets and closed her eyes for the last time.

He didn’t know that the HR administrator was going to call him to confirm that he had indeed gotten the job, after waiting for more then 2 weeks for an answer.

She didn’t realize that her baby would grow up to be a President when she went for the abortion even though she heard a small voice saying “don’t do it”. All because her immediate circumstances looked hopeless.

She couldn’t believe that she’d be loved again by a man that had been dreaming of her all his life, after her heart was broken and decided to pull the trigger.

They didn’t realize that the bad days would soon end.
That the pain would end eventually.
That the tears and sweat would eventually pay off
Because they had lost all hope in life ever becoming better.

Suicide is never a solution. It’s a fact: the bad days will end.