Archives for September 13, 2014

My little world

It must be the greatest feeling to be truly happy with yourself and your situation; Like actually be at the place where you are able to accept that you need to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next. Heavens, is that difficult! Our little world – the place that we all escape to, is the gift that can never be opened by anyone else. My little world is consumed with words: words of greats, legends , poets. Words are my escape, my own little hide-out. Sometimes, it’s even a guilty pleasure. Words, to me, are what boxing gloves are to Ali. For the time I’m with them, I am able to defeat crippling inhibitions and be champion of Self. My little world of words is my pocket of bliss against the hems of flames of the world.

My Concealer

Of all sorts of make-up
concealer works best for me.
I use it as soon as I wake up,
it has become part of my identity.

At night I clean my face
And my scars become clear.
For when Im in my own space,
there’s no need for me to fear.

That people will see my pain
and offer me their sympathy.
In their thoughts rehearsing my name-
Thinking, oh, what a pity.

Tomorrow, again, I’ll start my day
By putting on a smile and pretending that I’m gay.