Just Too Late

Don’t you think it’s a little too late;

To come to me now and admit leaving was a big mistake;

When you left as I begged you to stay with tears streaming down my face;

You laughed and watched my heart break;


For months I gave chase;

Trying to get you back with whatever it would take;

You ignored all the calls I used to make;

And the messages I sent you,you ignored as I waited for the replies that never ever came;


You made fun of me with your friends while laughing in my face;

You walked with him hand in hand and made sure I saw you in every public place;

You passed by with a smile as you watched tears fall two by two;

Saying I should man up, knowing how hard that was to do;


Eventually I was made to give up the chase;

And endless nights of pain I was forced to face;

Never thinking I’d ever be able to stand alone again;

It took some time but I patched my heart;


Tried to let go of you and think of you as a lesson learnt from my past;

Years rolled by and I missed you more and more as I wore a smiling mask;

I was mad at God cause he took away my reason for breathing;

If only I knew in time my feelings would change like the seasons;


I never thought I’d ever hear from you again;

I thought I was just another game you played;

Yet here you are today;

Girl don’t you think you’re a little too late?


It’s been years since you walk away;

Never giving me reasons, forcing me to endure regrets that never seemed to fade;

And memories haunting me like a shadow that never goes away;

Do you understand what you forced me to go through?


I couldn’t sleep in my bed, cause it’s where I made love to you;

I lay on the cold floor in front of the tv;

It’s the only way I could fall asleep;

As pictures played in my mind on constant repeat;


Of him sexing you up like I used too;

Do you know about that pain the pain I never put you through?

Do you know I couldn’t sit in peace alone in my room;

I had to circle the block every day a time or two;


So I could cry and try and forget about you;

I’m sorry that leaving wasn’t as easy for me to do;

Do you know how it feels to love someone who doesn’t love you;

And that you’ll never get them back no matter what you do;


Do you know how it feels to pray and God ignores you with tears in His eyes;

Knowing that you leaving was a blessing in disguise?;

He never told me it took me years to realize;

And how I regret all that wasted time;


Chasing a girl who will never be mine;

Do you know how it feels when God is the only one catching tears;

Tears He never even made you cry, do you know how it feels?

When the one you gave your heart too doesn’t want you near;


And ignores all your calls;

Moves on with someone else while they still have your all;

Do you know how it feels when your mother cries with you and doesn’t understand the reasons why;

Or too see a shadow of her only child;

And she can’t do anything to make her child smile;


I don’t think you understand how much you put me through;

I don’t have the time to go back in my mind and explain these things to you;

I think you woke up a little too late;

Goodbye is all I am prepared to say;


Don’t look at these tears falling from my eyes;

It’s just reminders of the hurt I’m trying to hide;

I don’t miss you so please leave and don’t look behind;

I love you but I can’t take you back no matter how hard I try;


Sorry came a little too late;

I hope you’ve learnt from your little mistake;

And you hold on tightly to true love if ever it comes back your way;

Girl, goodbye I’m sorry,you’re just a little too late

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