As I lie awake at night and gaze upon the stars
My visions carry me to far away places, sometimes even Mars

Discovering exotic islands, untouched by the human hand,
To bathe in crystal waterfalls and dance on beaches of pure white sand.

Exploring the ancient pyramids of Giza, and the Sphinx of Egypt old
Behold this imposing wonder, of which ageless tales have been told.

To walk in the footsteps of Caesar, through the majestic Colosseum of Rome.
Where gladiators fought in fierce combat and prayers were offered in the Pantheon Dome.

I swim within the ocean, to the depths of Poseidon’s lair,
Discovering a world… spectacular, of which most mortals are completely unaware.

I journey on the adventurous path of my vivid imagination.
So when life seems dismal and dreary, my dreams are my inspiration.

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