where is the smile?

You bring smile to my face.
Sweet laughter is the sound you make.
Love is what you give.
Illness is what you cure.

Happiness where you from?
Where are you located?
Where can I find you?
How can I give you to everyone?

You come to us in choosing.
You come to us in satisfaction.
You there when needed.
Disappear when not chosen.

How do I store you?
What are you made of?
Happiness be with me
And you’ll forever be happy.

Almighty call

Almighty unifed.
Almighty glory.
Almighty merciful.
Amighty peace.
All heavenly Energy.

All that is one
All that is distant but connected.
All that holds all the knowledge.
All that holds time.
All that holds the bounds of space.

All that creates.
All that destroys.
All is All.

I call upon you.
I call upon you.

The Peaceful piece of Pain

legs i’ve lost, pain i forgot.
Arms i’ve lost, pain i forgot.
A piece of my heart ive lost, pain I remember well.

Pain that digs deep.
Pain that feels like yesterday is everyday.
Pain thats boils pain.
Pain that builds more pain.

Pain I cherish.
Pain I appreciate.
Pain I grow ontop of.
Pain that is painless in time,
in time of the calling.

The calling of peace.
The piece of my heart.
The one I lost.
The one I searched far for.
The piece that brings peace in my pain.

Time in space

The time of mother
The time of a baby
The time of my time.
The time of my birth, my death.

The time I cant see
The time I cant touch
The time I can only measure
The time I dont know.

the time that passes
the time that arrives
the time thats never there and always here.
Where are you time?

Show me you beginning.
Show me you end.
Let me be part of you.
Let me travel with you.
let me be there nor here.

Marry me, I am space.
I cannot move without you.
They cannot see your beauty without me.
Together we move in beauty.
Beauty that unites us.
Beauty they will call space-time.
Space-time that bears life.
Our baby, our creation, our beauty.

Oh sweet rain

sweet rain, rain on me.
rain on my wounds.
Heal my flash.
wash away my sorrows.

carress my skin
wet my clothes
go into my pours
Tighten my hair.

Oh sweet rain, don’t stop.
Plaugh my soils, wet my crops.
Feed my cravings, my desires.
My desire of gentleness.
Cool me down in warmth.
Warm me in cold.

Oh sweet rain,
I pray for you.
Please come again.

All is All

Almighty unified.
Almighty glory.
Almighty merciful.
Almighty peace.
All heavenly father.

All that is one.
All that is distant but connected.
All that holds all the knowledge.
All that holds time.
All that knows the bounds of space.

All that creates.
All that destroys.
All that is All.

Your love is All.
The All that I need.

Re-cycle me

I feel trapped , trapped in a life that is defined by Pi (3.14…).
I am living a life of evolving circumference. The days before
I was born my life was already set course to do as the circle
asks me to. I cannot disobey the circle, because without it
im no more. I live in fear, I live in doubt, I live in worry. How
large is this circle that we keep on filling is going to be?
We are all merging into one big circle. I don’t like this
circle and its haunting me day and night. I do not want to be in this
circle, I want to be free. Not even my thoughts are free, they are trapped
in this circle of thoughts. I don’t not know what am I.

I am lost in this circle. Re-cycle me.
Re-cycle my thoughts. Let me be my circle.
Let me be dependent of only me. Let me be me and think me.
Re-cycle me. I’m only an individual.