Re-cycle me

I feel trapped , trapped in a life that is defined by Pi (3.14…).
I am living a life of evolving circumference. The days before
I was born my life was already set course to do as the circle
asks me to. I cannot disobey the circle, because without it
im no more. I live in fear, I live in doubt, I live in worry. How
large is this circle that we keep on filling is going to be?
We are all merging into one big circle. I don’t like this
circle and its haunting me day and night. I do not want to be in this
circle, I want to be free. Not even my thoughts are free, they are trapped
in this circle of thoughts. I don’t not know what am I.

I am lost in this circle. Re-cycle me.
Re-cycle my thoughts. Let me be my circle.
Let me be dependent of only me. Let me be me and think me.
Re-cycle me. I’m only an individual.

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