A Story about a Girl

I have to tell a story
About a girl who had no glory

Outspoken yet so broken
Being rude,
Always in a mood

Never had luck with guys
They will take one look at her and realize,
That they want her friend in the dazzling disguise

She felt very unattractive
Yet wanted to be active

Always taking a back seat
Never felt strong enough to take the lead

Wanting no-one to know
The true beauty inside, who wants to burst out and show

She started to analyze and delve
Within herself
Believed that there was something within her,
She just needed to stir

She became beautiful and bold
She discovered gold

Humble and kind
With an open and wise mind

She realized the fight was never external
It was always internal

She is now happy and content with her beautiful soul
She has reached her utmost goal
Her inner beauty is what makes her glow
Yes from insecure to bold she did grow
The way she sway her hips when she walks
The kind words she says when she talks
Her heart filled with love, compassion and integrity
This is her serendipity

The Independent Woman

I’m listening to the radio, playing a love song
Suddenly for love I long

I have a house and a car
But this does not make me happy by far

I worked hard for what I have today
But believe you me; there is a price to pay

When I go home and turn the key
No-one is there waiting for me

No-one to hold my hand
No-one to understand
No-one with whom to talk
No-one with whom to walk
No-one to be there
No- one to care
No-one to make you smile
Even just for a while

Sometimes I think it’s a curse
Or something way worst

To be a woman who is sorted and needs nothing
But in actual fact is in need of everything

Especially someone to warm the bed
Why use a blanket instead?

No-one to hold my hand
No-one to understand
No-one with whom to talk
No-one with whom to walk
No-one to be there
No- one to care
No-one to make you smile
Even just for a while

I will exchange it in a heartbeat
In order to feel the heat

For someone to love you so
And who never wants to let you go

Unexplained_ Enermy at Work

Church a holy place to be
In front for everyone to see

This was her place, in the wooden bench
Now it makes perfectly sense

She looked at me, with mixed emotions on her face
Actually it was with utmost disgrace

I couldn’t understand, maybe it was because I was late
Next to her glaring at me was her sister, her best mate

Concentrating on church was hard
But I’ve tried my best from the start

Snap out of it, church is on
Oh my word, it’s actually done

She stood in the bench waiting on me
This I could clearly see

She took my hand, said Merry Christmas and my name
This is such a shame
Because she is playing a deadly game

The next year was the same story
She was in it for her glory

People don’t mind what they do to you
Happiness she wanted too

Never again she mentioned my name
Only in church when she was playing this game


Today I ask the question, why me?
An answer I need, I beg of you, I plea

I seriously cannot handle it all
Because I know I’m bond to fall

Don’t you know that this can bruise?
Like seriously, would you think this is a path I would choose?

I cannot run away
Because in this game I was stationary and now it’s my turn to play

But I’m not strong enough
Why not choose someone that s tough?

It’s not that I under estimate me
But through my eyes this is all that I can see

Someone small, scared and alone
Why can’t I be tough, big with a heart that turned to stone?

I don’t know the purpose of it all
What will I learn when I eventually fall?
Is this my purpose is this my call?

All odds are against me
Everyone can clearly see

Please tell me what I should do
Send a directive with guidelines too

Because I was never here in my life before
Always behind a safe and locked door

The door swung open and I’m supposed to act
Confidence now is what I lack

Because I really don’t know the way forward from here
Yes I confess…it’s called FEAR!!!