Unexplained_ Enermy at Work

Church a holy place to be
In front for everyone to see

This was her place, in the wooden bench
Now it makes perfectly sense

She looked at me, with mixed emotions on her face
Actually it was with utmost disgrace

I couldn’t understand, maybe it was because I was late
Next to her glaring at me was her sister, her best mate

Concentrating on church was hard
But I’ve tried my best from the start

Snap out of it, church is on
Oh my word, it’s actually done

She stood in the bench waiting on me
This I could clearly see

She took my hand, said Merry Christmas and my name
This is such a shame
Because she is playing a deadly game

The next year was the same story
She was in it for her glory

People don’t mind what they do to you
Happiness she wanted too

Never again she mentioned my name
Only in church when she was playing this game

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