• Because wind timorous of silence, and
    Light snivels for the dark,
    We bear time impedes.
    Half peeked colors painting the blue,
    Or half full moon missing mere hue.
    When detest and care entwine to haze, […]

  • me you two; we invented love
    we were the first; we invented love.
    before they entwined it with lust and made it rust
    before they fell easy and made it clumsy.

    We named it love it graced as dove
    before they […]

  • When I drown my eyes in bloody tears,
    And infants spit in my mouth, elderly curse my name
    Then worms eat my flesh,
    And God denies my name, Dear:
    A day missing you… is worse than that.

    When whips lash my […]

  • I fear, I will not be enough for that world outside,
    I will not measure up to that who they expect me to be, want me to be.
    I fear the one I breathe… the one I see, will only see another.
    I fear for these […]

  • Our second date, was there a diminutive feasibility that today would be as enchanting and delightful as that magical day before? But there was nothing in the laws of physics that denied me repeated marvelty, for I […]

  • Dearest, do you make flowers bloom in the days
    And meet angels in the nights?

    I heard beauty lives upon your face,
    But not beauty of sufficient end…
    Beauty of natural depth

    They say, your mind too kind to […]

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