• Ke sekwankwetla,ke mosadi wamakhonnthe,ke lejwe la moralla ke mma tiisetso moradi wa mathata,ke mamello,ke mosadi wa ntja dialoma,jonna wee keopelwa ke hlooho,mathata arwetse manolo hodimo,fela ke beya tshepo yaka […]

  • You are my love
    i pine for you
    ithirst for you
    my heart ache for you
    as i see you walk pass from a distance
    i’m longing and hence
    my eyes are waterful
    as my lips needs your kiss
    as for you i miss
    and my […]

  • You’ll never know what can occur
    when the clouds have gathered rain,
    and the woman’s eyes are in pain.
    tea trops on the palm of her hands
    and tear drops fell from her chicks.
    Nomatter how you try to […]

  • Listen to me give ear
    read my lips if you donot hear.
    From your brother and sister,
    and you’ll know better.

    Listen and give ear
    and promise you’ll not fear
    your husband or your wife
    and respect eacch […]

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    I wish i could sing
    you a song.
    Record its melodies and rhythms
    into your heart.

    I wish i could write
    you a poem.
    Type its phrases and paragraphs
    into your mind.
    So you will cherish them,
    and never to […]

  • Wel i hope evry takes a moment to himself,and think of ways we could put an end to killing,raping and traffiking of children in the world.lets bring back death penalty to child abusers,i hate the fact that they […]

  • By whose’s hand was this child slain?
    So young at this age and harmless
    is it revenge leaving her mother in such pain?
    How could men be so godless?
    Surely there’s something wrong in Their brain.
    Or their […]

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