You Might Ask

You Might Ask What’s There To Live For? Pain Has Reached You To The Core, There’s Nothing To Live For Anymore.

Yes, We All Feel Like Dying Is All There Is To Do – It Is Not Only You – I Was There Myself.

Thoughts Of Death Are The Criminals Who Do Theft As A Means Of Preventing Us To Reach Our Full Potential It Is Our Minds They Fill.

To Die Is Not A Way Out For The Purpose Of Our Existence Is To Live Life To The Fullest.

They Know If They Can Get You To Think About Suicide They Will Eventually Be The Reason Why You Take Your Own Life.

Having Only My Thoughts With Me

Having Only My Thoughts With Me I Am Struggling To Be Free For My Thoughts Keep Me Busy Focusing On How I Can Get The Pain To Stop.

That’s All My Life Has Started To Become For The Words Of Some Has Been Like A Sword That Has Cut My Heart In Two And It Hurts Me Deeply.

I’m Still Learning About Everything Around Me Searching … For The Answers To The Things I See.

Confused About All That Happens This Is The Things That Saddens For I Am Trying To Understand And No One Is There To Help Me.

It Was Me Who Was Left To Myself And In Time I Learned To Do What I Do It Was What Helped Me Through But It Keeps Me Awake At Night.

“Creation reveals Your Glory”

“Creation reveals Your Glory ”
an inspired writer wrote
this rings true this morning
as clouds like waterfalls ,
flow down the mountains
the sun shining pale through
the vapour of the ‘falls’
lillies herald the morning
as coy daisies await
bright light to join in praise
,tis a beautifull morning
like every other
since the dawn of creation
when “creation began revealing
Your Glory “

Waterblommertjie bredie

Your claim to fame
is an ingredient ,an
ingredient to a South African
icon-along the lines of babotie

Though your beauty
can rival that of an orchid
your pearly white petals
scream out “less is more”

Your scent so sweet and pure
could mimic a rose in full bloom
the cinderella of flowers becomes
the princess of spring

a diamond in the rough
you weather conditions tough
to bloom and glow in spring
bringing romance to the vlei

The savvannah tree

How long have you been there?
How many generations have you perceived and
how many lives have you come across?
Hope you have also realized how wicked this world is.

Our leaders are not driving us to the promised land, instead they are leading us to the world of their own fulfilments
The world of hatred and sorrow

please tell me if you know something
tell us what to do cause we have failed on our own

I think if you could speak you were going to lead the world with good manners
great wisdom was going to be taken from you, for you have seen all the things that the world lacks.
Are you even listening to every word I am saying?

Same Steps As Before

Dry tears, they don’t need wiping.
Broken heart beating as whole,
Pieces don’t need collecting.
Closed doors providing comfort,
They don’t need opening…
Cold winds hugging my soul,
I didn’t see signs saying “Warning”.
Living with death breaths; words that kill.
The smell of hunger as my signature,
Looking for what I have.
I cover you with rags of “I’m Sorry’s”,
Closed eyes looking at the bigger picture while writing love letters on the walls of my soul,
Ink as your blood as you bleed from the pain, I figure.
Tainted view of who I am, looking at myself through my name.
Selfishly singing the same tune,
“I love you”,
While still fighting with the same fume.
Stop walking lonely next to your love;
I know I’ll be home soon.

Without Death’s Certainty

Without Death’s certainty, my Love,
I would neither mourn, nor cherish you
You would be resigned
To an old page in my story

Without Death’s certainty, my Love,
I would neither wake, nor stir
The birds’ song would grow dull,
As I lay through Summer and Spring

Without Death’s certainty, my Love,
I would neither laugh, nor cry, nor smile
Lost only in perpetual thought,
Eternal Youth etched upon my face

Without Death’s certainty, my Love,
I would fashion fables
Tales of Father & Son
Sinners and saints

Doomed to forget,
My inevitable return

Cloud Of Rain(Love) – By Antholeen Petersen

Love is the shower that rains down when you don’t expect it.
When a cloud hovering over you intends rain and you think you’ll do well to reject it.
But let’s perfect it
And say that Love rains down like a storm at sea, tempest tossed at every turn Churning the inner workings of your being
And truth be told from the words of Antholeen
I’ve never seen love up close and have not yet felt it’s rain
But unlike anything else love is an act that allows a spectators gain
As I’ve seen one try to make on their own And then fall into a trap, love strapped
To making a home.

Love rains down and though we tend to frown at the arrival of a cloud
Before long rain turns to bells as we’ve hear the wedding sound.

Romeo, He said Marry me Juliet, and then we’ll never be alone.
I’ll be yours like a ray of sun, where the two of us shall become one.
For what God had joined together, let nothing put asunder
As the rain of love had pulled us under
Under a cloud intending rain
And Before long we had much more than rain to gain
And I see it
Spectator at much, looking on to the arrival of an everlasting love.
And I wonder
What God had joined together let no man put asunder
as some enjoy the plunder
Of falling time and time again
Into love with 2 hearts to one just as God would intend.
See I’ve only but seen it.
The showering rain of love
And love can only come from above.

Because Love is the shower that rains down when you don’t expect it.
When a cloud hovering over you intends rain and you think you’ll do well to just reject it.
But let’s perfect it
And say that Love rains down like a storm at sea, tempest tossed at every turn Churning the inner workings of your inner being.
And so I’ve seen it. – Written By Antholeen Petersen

Big City Lights

Big City Lights
Dim reality
Bright fantasies
Slowly ripping the petals of our daisies.

Fast cars
Slow the tar on the pavement.
Walking into a mirage,
Dodging cupid’s arrow for what’s parked in the garage.

Serial killers.
Over working us.

Love lost,
Money found.
Infants hosts,
Sickness bound.

Big City Lights,
Hiding behind cracked walls.
Big City Lights,
Deaf to the Fathers call.

Shadows escaping from flesh.
Widows wearing white while the wounds are still fresh.

Mothers breastfeeding chemicals,
Babies abandoned praying for miracles.
Fathers lost in the music,
Children lonely becoming clueless.

Big City Lights,
On day & night.
Sun starts to fight,
Moon giving up its bright.

Blankets on pavements
Skin with no pigment
Wanting, craving, killing for that forbidden element.

Big City Lights
Leaving minds in the dark.
Big City Lights,
When will you stop taking life?

Dice rolled
Homes in 6’s & 7’s
We closer to hell than we are to heaven.

Big City Lights
How dare you!
Big City Lights
Who dared you?

Condemnation consoled by condoms.
A growing tree.

Big City Lights
When will you fuse?
Big City Lights
I’d rather walk in the dark than in your light if I was to choose.

Open your eyes
Be deaf to the city lies.

Open your heart,
Not legs then when you slowly depart.

Big City Lights
Get lost!

Don’t follow the light,
Before you get lost.

Big City Lights…

$igned : Lucky

Sun Set

Sheep leading shephards to shelter.
Grass fed to leopards.

Sunset rising the cold,
Sunrise stressing the old.

Sky falling,
The ants hide.

Giants gallavant;
On clouds they reside.

Children of the soil,
Water your land.

Children of the spoilt,
Water your rand.

Clock on the wall,
Time is up.

Clock on the wall,
Your time is not enough.

Sun set,
You were only warm when we met.

Sun set,
Sunrise lets connect.

$igned : Lucky