Same Steps As Before

Dry tears, they don’t need wiping.
Broken heart beating as whole,
Pieces don’t need collecting.
Closed doors providing comfort,
They don’t need opening…
Cold winds hugging my soul,
I didn’t see signs saying “Warning”.
Living with death breaths; words that kill.
The smell of hunger as my signature,
Looking for what I have.
I cover you with rags of “I’m Sorry’s”,
Closed eyes looking at the bigger picture while writing love letters on the walls of my soul,
Ink as your blood as you bleed from the pain, I figure.
Tainted view of who I am, looking at myself through my name.
Selfishly singing the same tune,
“I love you”,
While still fighting with the same fume.
Stop walking lonely next to your love;
I know I’ll be home soon.


  1. Reading your poem was amazing and a pleasure. I kept on reading it again and again and every time I found something new to contemplate. Great work.

  2. creativity made perfect

  3. Well written endeed

  4. You are one of the chosen for only a beautiful soul could utter such words, praises to the most high, be blessed

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