The Veil covering the moon

She holds the basket steadily on her head,
Her moon face completely covered,
with only her eyes lighting her way,
Her long beautiful black locks,
Her straight Cleopatra nose and delicate elongated neck and prominent cheekbones,
Hidden behind a veil
meant to keep her safe, pure and sacred.
The veil that prevents her from learning anything besides the holy book,
The veil that says she cannot finish school and dream like her brothers,
The veil that forces her to get married to someone she doesn’t love and
Have children her body can no longer carry,
The veil that makes her wish she wasn’t a girl,
didn’t have breast and had the right to say no,
This veil that covers her beautiful moon face daily and can only be seen at midnight,
When she daringly takes it off and dreams


  1. Hi Jacqueline, Your poems are very good and striking, you seems to have good experience as how to use your words carefully to make an impact. The poem “Lost Soul” I wrote, was a first for me! I’m not really a poet, but a writer/journalist. I now understand that it should bring a message across – Regarding my poem – I was in a very ‘down” mood as I wrote the poem, so the words just popped up in my mind and I wrote them down on paper, only later (the next morning) to discover it was a clear message to myself: I HAD WRITTEN MY OWN “DEATH SENTENCE”!
    The live I was currently living was definitely in the wrong direction, disbelieving in God, etc. – And I was given a second chance “seing a shooting star” is good luck, and I could get to choose the future of my soul one day when my life on earth has come to an end. I strongly believe if you live your life the way God intends us to, our souls will go to an eternal rest, but if you live your life in sin, your soul will never find peace and will always be “wandering” around in bad places – It is a “wake-up” call to everyone!

  2. Hi Dee,

    Thanks for your explaination. Now i understand your poem better. I too share your belief systems regarding God and living your life right. I too have been in a very dark place and it’s often difficult for me to understand why certain things happen but i do believe that every experience bring along a lesson. I’m a writer, though not a professsional as yet, I’m learning daily. Thank you for your comments. They encourage me alot. In future i will look out for your work.

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