Archives for July 17, 2013


My winters are colder my nights seem longer my days are endless my mind relentless

It’s finished… You’re gone… Our road as one has ended, always destined to walk separate paths

Once entwined now divided, I’m shattered but I’m fine, broken

I remember the days filled with passion and ecstasy the love making and summer strolls

I remember your lies, anger, lust and betrayal, I remember the crying, the begging and the pleading…

Nights of endless beatings, left battered and bruised blood stained and used.

I remember your shame. Your sorries your pain, I was so forgiving so stupid so young so vain.

In the dark these memories flow and I now I know why I had to let you go, my love, my life, my one, my hate…

As I lay here broken and scared I never could have been prepared, you came into my broken heart and
Ripped and tore my soul apart, now the demons awake and near….

In the dark these memories flow and I remember why I let you go, my love, my life my one my hate…


You will be fine

I won’t not this time, you know nothing of what I feel inside.

My heart is bleeding and my minds at war.
I haven’t been in this kind of darkness before…
I’m broken my body is worn.

Look into my to eyes I’m begging you please.
Can you see me, I’m bleeding….

Are you there? I’m screaming.
why won’t you help
Pleading in vain, why won’t you listen

Its getting dark again.
I’m Begging please, please see me again!
The walls are closing in!!

suffocating, choking, waiting…

I can’t scream anymore there’s nothing to say…
Reaching out but you just stare.
I’m crying

I’m fading…. can you see?
You could have saved me…
do you care?

Its too late… I’m nearly out!
I’m bleeding again this time its real.
Blaming you.

Look at us lying here, broken, my reflection.
If you had just seen me
we could have be fine.