Archives for February 4, 2014

The Only One I Still Miss

You are my only regret;

Sometimes I wish that you and I never met;

Even though I was too blame;

Girl ever since I’ve loved you I just haven’t been the same;


I keep wishing to go back to the day we had our first fight;

So I could stop myself before I ever made you cry;

Cause I need you here tonight;

I miss you more than I ever thought that I would;


In time I thought I’d forget about you;

It’s been years but missing you is all I seem to do;

Love since us has come in and out of my life;

But it’s never felt as right as when love was you and I;


I know you don’t care anymore or even feel the same;

Cause so many times I’ve said sorry but all you do is push me away;

I admit I am the one to blame;

But what more do you want me to say?


I’ve admitted to every one of my mistakes;

I can’t take back all the tears I once made you cry;

Or even those lonely nights alone when you longed to be by my side;

Sorry is all I can say;


I’ve tried it all to get you back but all you do is tell me that it’s far too late;

And that you could never trust me again;

Don’t leave me alone like this;

Cause you’re still the only girl that I miss


Heaven Sent

On this side of Heaven I never thought would come a day;

That an angel would ever come my way;

The Lord heard me as I prayed;

And He allowed an angel called you to escape;


Perfection such as yours I know must be heaven made;

Cause eyes like yours steals sunset’s beauty away;

I never thought you’d ever feel the same;

But you did and here we are in love today;


Please understand if I take it slow;

It’s so I don’t scare you away and you choose to ever let me go;

It’s not that I don’t love you, I just find it hard to show;

Love before you came damaged my soul;


But I’m sure I want to love you the rest of my life;

And If I had my way you’d already be my wife;

If you find this hard to believe sometimes;

Know that my kisses never lie…