Archives for February 28, 2014


Seated at the seaside at sunset
sent a chill down my spine
multitudes of sea gulls flapped
their pure white wings in the air
their wild cry penetrated through the air
waves lashed onto the rock
which sent foamy bubbles on to my feet
and as the sun set
myriad of colours spread across the sea
which burnt like a ball of fire.

Still Searchin’

A cynic in my youth
Profusely searching for the truth
Wouldn’t believe without any proof
I concluded that everything was untrue
Soon addicted to feeling blue
Ooh the crazy things that I would do
Made me look like an ignorant fool
Oh but the world did not have a clue
That like them, I too
Was subjected to a reality so cruel
So harsh it broke me in two

Things went from bad to worse
Money disappeared from my purse
“It’s because you don’t tithe “, said the church
There they go again, looking down on me like I’m dirt
Thinking the only way to ‘save’ is to hurt
And to pierce the heart with judgmental words
Alienating the Spirit with their curbs
‘Causing separation through ideas they birthed
From their mind into a perplexed earth
While they shun all attempts to search
For the truth. The truth was sent to its grave, it traveled by hearse

Confusion reigned in the mind of this lost
Girl. Every night I’d turn and toss
Couldn’t comprehend: Blood shed for a cost?
Wandering around, where do I go Boss?
Kingdom Hall, Cathedral or Mosque?
Searching, searching not for the truth, but a box
Somewhere to hide while I detox
Remove all the toxins – a much welcomed loss
Of appetite for poisonous talks
I want to take off my shoes, take long walks
After my period of hibernation to get rid of this albatross.

The road to recovery will not be instant
It take wisdom, patience and persistence
To appreciate the journey, spread the word, make a difference.

I’m still searchin’
Living and loving

Society Segregation

I am a representative of society. Filling in from all social classes and financial securities. Emulating a codex of our individual abilities. Realities, fantasies and physical capabilities. The stigma of enigma flows like a captivating river. Vehemence calling to come hither as the petals of a rose wither into winter. Yet as I roam the realm of the status quo I am enlightened by my discoveries. I see the discrimination and trepidation of the adolescent mind-set. Prejudices are imprinted preconceptions.