Behind thick university walls they taught me nonsense
The totalitarian despot scribbled on the choke board
Trying to create an economic and political slave
Empty of self-uplifting notions and far from being brave
A slave that never gets enough bread

The navel-gazing despot spoke through the demagogue
Feeding his self –centered heart with the evil-curriculum
An instrument of slavery and torture
He muzzled and goggled my fellows like an ox
So that they will never think outside the box

Being the victim of the same apparatus
The teacher worked like a zombie
Gauntly wasted and robbed of his true self
Decorating the manipulator’s shelf
With more gold and riches
Creating more vicious cycles of poverty

Africa’s poverty is created by their hideous designs
Yet they have cleverly deceived many into believing that it is natural
Now my fellows wallow and worm in this quagmire
Having shrunken skulls and poverty-turgid heads
All these diseases are part of their creation

There are no values, skills, and confidence
But poverty’s feast
Where is confidence when poverty ravenously devours it into shame?
They shout OBE, justice, democracy, non-racism, and human rights
Yet these words have already been emptied of their very meaning and purpose
They are just dry husks of locusts blown by the wind, carrying no life

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