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Happy Birthday Angel Of Mine (20.09.90)

Girl you’ve been gone for quite a while;

It’s your birthday again in 2 days time;

A day where my face shares it’s space with tears and a smile;

Me missing you is no longer your concern but mine, girl this I already know;


I’ll still do what I’ve done every year since since my soul watched you finally up and go;

And every birthday since I’ve celebrated you all on my own;

With a cake,a single candle and a 5th full of Henessy with those songs we used to sing in those days of old;

I still cry every 20th of September and I probably still will long after I’ve grown old;


And even though we no longer talk, you get angry whenever we do;

Everything I say seems to frustrate you;

I no longer try like I used too;

You asked me to leave you be, for once I ain’t thinking about me but what’s important to you;


In 2 days time I’ll blow out that single candle and send that same old wish deep into the night sky;

That you might have a change of heart and mind;

And maybe by chance you’d return to me before I die;

That’s all I really need in my present life;


This love for you will never ever die;

Like a desert rose, against all odds it’s managed to outgrow and survive;

This love was born in heaven and within my broken heart it will reside;

Happy birthday angel of mine, I’ll always love you even beyond the sands of time

i dream BIG

When a man really desire a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win it