only if i was less foolish

if life was a film/a book and I was the official,i guarantee you that I would censor it at every horrible part of its chapter.

one Monday morning I woke up to a delightful day it felt like it was gonna be the best day of my life,God pardon my confusion.It was the day I bought pain and sorrows in my life and to my already critical emotions.I took a long over whelming bath,with the smell of fire to fire body lotion it felt like heaven.

My school bag was ready,school books all packed in and school uniform ironed ready for me to wear.When done I made my self breakfast “just a bowl of cereal will do” I thought to myself.

i grabbed my bag and off to school I went,while at that I bumped into someone.His steak of books fell to the ground,I bended down to pick them up that instant with hope that it’s no one rude.Only to notice it was him, “its the guy from school” I wasn’t aware that I was thinking out loud.Nevertheless he gave me a formal introduction and trust me when i tell you I was impressed.

days…….weeks…….months……passed and we got to know each other, we grew closer and firm together that he even proposed love to me.I was too blind and foolish to believe him.We dated for a year and few months it felt so amazing,i was so complaints towards him with no curb.

All that was for nothing,I am stating this with tears on my face.Now we like strangers who are taking the same road to a funeral…….IF ONLY I HAD NOT LISTENED TO HIM…….I wouldn’t have had to deal with the heartache,so much torture,lots of pain because of seeing the love of your life love someone else.

It just felt like my world came crushing down with the thought of watching but not being able to do a thing about it.

Do you want to know what happened not long ago?it certainly involves the same person I really must tell………
but that’s a story for another day

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