Hope He Turns Out To Be

Dear love of my life, I’ve decided to write you a letter to explain;

Why when you come home tonight I won’t be there waiting up like always;

Instead my things have been packed and I’ll be long on my way;

You may be confused cause it seemed we were deep in love just the other day;


I’d be a fool if I carried on acting as if nothing has changed;

Its been two months now that I’ve noticed something a little strange;

Your kisses have become few and cold;

Your phonecalls to say you miss me have become as rare as gold;


The little things you used to do to show me you love me are a thing of the past;

You’ve been coming home later with each night, “Work” is your excuse whenever I ask;

I tried to believe your every word giving you the benifit of the doubt;

When my heart was like it’s time to bounce;


I didn’t want to jump the gun and start to accuse;

I had no evidence and no reason too;

But girl I know the signs of failing love, when you’ve been replaced by someone new;

It’s become too much for me to bear, so I’m writing this to say goodbye to me and you;


Please don’t call or text me to explain or tell me your point of view;

I know the deal girl and I don’t need to hear another excuse;

When we started you promised me you were different and you’ll never run me through;

Yet here we are and you’re doing what you promised me you’ll never do.


My set of keys are on the table with all the gifts you once gave to me;

All the letters you wrote as well as the cards I’ve burned to set my soul free;

I don’t want to know his name or where you two met, I just want you to leave me be;

Girl I wish you well and hope he turns out to be what you never saw in me.


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