Why I Fell In Love With Jesus

I will sing Your praise;

Everyday until my last breath from my soul finally escapes;

For someone so wretched as I You died just too save;

No one else would have done it, no one else could care half as much;


But You thought my soul worthy enough that You sent Your only son;

Some people only see my faults, that’s all they seem to see;

But Lord You see my flaws as attributes within me;

You consider me priceless, a price tag my eyes fail to see;


For when I look into the mirror, a worm is what reflects back at me;

Everyday my sinful and selfish ways hang You back as a cursed man on that tree;

Yet no matter what I do, You always find a way to supply every single one of my needs;

How can such a wonderful man such as You invest so much in a wretch as me;


You blessed me with a gift of words for me to give You praise;

Instead I use it for my own selfish ways;

By manipulating women and leading their hearts astray;

Leaving a ton of heartache in my wake;


A love like Yours I could never repay;

The mercy and grace alone would leave me in bankruptcy every day;

You saved me when You didn’t have too, I don’t just love You, I fell deep in love with You because of Your gentle ways;

You look past my sins as if I never sinned in the very first place;


When I ignore Your voice, You bless me anyway;

When I feel furtherest away from You, You make sure to bless me twice as much, as if to say;

My mistakes and flaws give You the biggest sense of purpose and praise;

So as for me Lord as I can say is ,Thank You Lord for all you’ve done for me when I didn’t deserve any kind of mercy or grace.

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