Thoughts of love

As I sat by the river and watched the world go by.
I couldn’t help to keep myself from thinking about the times we used to share when life was young and simple.
living in moments rather than time.
I missed the love we used to share, even though it felt like a battlefield some of the time, it made me complete all the time.
I missed the times when you used to tell me that I’m good at my thing but I told you that I’m good at you cause you were my sweet yellow bone thing.
The fights and arguments we had were nothing compared to the joy that came after them.
Which is why I don’t wanna love without you cause your a lost I can’t replace.
It timmed me for a moment, then I took a moment of silent to honour that,
Your love was like raindrops to my heart cause everytime it rained my life used to blossom.
I remember how I used to go home but become home sick without you cause everything I touched used to break, breaking my heart even more.
My past mornings have been nothing but a lie cause I used to wake up in gentle hands yet in great pain from the inside without your smile by my side.
Yet today I’m still standing still for you cause the fire is out but the ashes are still burning in my heart.
And I will never say goodbye to you cause there is no good in goodbye.

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