Empress Woman

Left to right, wide hips swaying.
Sun kissed skin, glowing under the sun.
Beads of sweat between her breasts,
a feminine brow to soften her face. What a sight…at first glance, then you take another look, and another, and another…see?
She crushes thornes with every step,
her feet hard, from the days strife.
A harsh, yet soft sight.
Big beautiful brown eyes, should never have been witness, to so much ugliness & yet they too still have a glow about them.
In every stride she grows & learns, still to discover the empty throne that awaits her.
When she finds inside her that natural light, she’ll know to respond when her real name is called.
Child, don’t be afraid to take your place. Own it for when you are addressed by that name, you would have earned it.
So dance still, sway those hips lightly to this beat called life…embrace who you realy are.
Half truths will starve your soul, learn to point out the real from the fake.
Remember you are born of Women who made real, warm homes out of nothing. Your strength is unmeasured. Best be sure it will be tested still, rise above it, there’s still work to be done. Don’t forget child…
Your throne awaits you, take your place- Empress Woman.

Time Keeper

Pretty please Mr Timekeeper, lend me your glass eye…
I’ll stand patiently like a stalker and watch from the window thru the cold nights. I swear to you, I wont make a sound.
I wont go through her house trying to catch a whiff or her scent. Nor will I go into her sleeping childrens room, searching for my features in their faces.
I’ll fight the urge, to climb through the window, the urge to touch or speak to her.
Dont stand there with that grin on your face! I only wish to know what you know! Tales told of the the time keepers gift, make my heart heavy with envy. You look into the future, the past and present. Do you even know the value of ‘certainty’ when it’s as good as the piece of carpet on your doorstep?
So please mr! Lemme sneak a peak at whats to come for me?
I’ll be good, I’ll only watch her…

Pehaps knowing what lies ahead, would make all my present experiences worthwhile.


I have that uneasy feeling, butterflies in my belly, they must have been smoking sumthing cos they moving around real eratic and ish. I feel like everything around me is abt to crumble!
Crash! Boom! Woooooosh! Wooosh! Wooosh! The backlash!
Windows rattling, they explode! under the intense sound of my heartbeat. Shattered pieces of glass, I walk on them across the floor, draging my soles, my soul.
My big eyes watch, the walls crack, the ceiling crumbles I stand there watching.
They scream! Get out! Get out of there! Its gonna kill you! I hear them but my heartbeat too loud to listen to them.
Aaaaaaaarh these voices in my head! These sisters that guide me daily still remain! Get out! Get out! Get out! They chant to the drumming of my heart. Get out! Get out! Get it out child!
I cannot ignore…their words echo in my ears! Past the falling door frames, shattered picture frames, the curtains caught fire, everything is falling apart! I knew it was! I take heed of the voices… OUT OF THERE!
Standing OUTSIDE of there, OUTSIDE of me, I watch as the house burns. The grass between my toes feels so alive, so young, so sharp! so new! Renewed! Anew! Me!
I am not afraid to build. I have never been afraid to build. So let the walls tumble and fall, lets the gates crumble to the ground, bring on the floods! Brim stone! The works….
After all is said and done, I will build again and put to sleep the buterflies in my belly.

Silent like the drum

Forbidden looks across shallow waters,
unheard words, spoken out loud bring
silence like a drum. Boom! Boom! Boom! The
crowd goes silent.
Hard feet crushing anthills at dusk, and the
sound of day break, she goes to him, to them.
Strong and firm like the mighty oak tree, on
his branches she finds shelter. She can
Forbidden looks across shallow waters,
unheard words, spoken out loud bring
silence like a drum. Boom! Boom! Boom! The
crowd goes silent.
Soil soaked after the rain, like her face gets
sometimes. Doors kicked down from the
outside to let her get a glimpse of Mam’
Shabangu’s rose bushes.
Even amongst all the thornes, beauty remains.
She recalls the pain when she pricked her
finger once. Beauty can make u bleed too. She
laughed at herself.
Forbidden looks across shallow waters,
unheard words, spoken out loud bring
silence like a drum. Boom! Boom! Boom! The
crowd goes silent. She goes silent.
Looks across the waters soften, the waters
soften, the scabs soften, her grasp on the
branches soften. She’s feels she is what she
is. She’s beautiful within her thornes.
She stops