I have that uneasy feeling, butterflies in my belly, they must have been smoking sumthing cos they moving around real eratic and ish. I feel like everything around me is abt to crumble!
Crash! Boom! Woooooosh! Wooosh! Wooosh! The backlash!
Windows rattling, they explode! under the intense sound of my heartbeat. Shattered pieces of glass, I walk on them across the floor, draging my soles, my soul.
My big eyes watch, the walls crack, the ceiling crumbles I stand there watching.
They scream! Get out! Get out of there! Its gonna kill you! I hear them but my heartbeat too loud to listen to them.
Aaaaaaaarh these voices in my head! These sisters that guide me daily still remain! Get out! Get out! Get out! They chant to the drumming of my heart. Get out! Get out! Get it out child!
I cannot ignore…their words echo in my ears! Past the falling door frames, shattered picture frames, the curtains caught fire, everything is falling apart! I knew it was! I take heed of the voices… OUT OF THERE!
Standing OUTSIDE of there, OUTSIDE of me, I watch as the house burns. The grass between my toes feels so alive, so young, so sharp! so new! Renewed! Anew! Me!
I am not afraid to build. I have never been afraid to build. So let the walls tumble and fall, lets the gates crumble to the ground, bring on the floods! Brim stone! The works….
After all is said and done, I will build again and put to sleep the buterflies in my belly.

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