Time Keeper

Pretty please Mr Timekeeper, lend me your glass eye…
I’ll stand patiently like a stalker and watch from the window thru the cold nights. I swear to you, I wont make a sound.
I wont go through her house trying to catch a whiff or her scent. Nor will I go into her sleeping childrens room, searching for my features in their faces.
I’ll fight the urge, to climb through the window, the urge to touch or speak to her.
Dont stand there with that grin on your face! I only wish to know what you know! Tales told of the the time keepers gift, make my heart heavy with envy. You look into the future, the past and present. Do you even know the value of ‘certainty’ when it’s as good as the piece of carpet on your doorstep?
So please mr! Lemme sneak a peak at whats to come for me?
I’ll be good, I’ll only watch her…

Pehaps knowing what lies ahead, would make all my present experiences worthwhile.

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