Empress Woman

Left to right, wide hips swaying.
Sun kissed skin, glowing under the sun.
Beads of sweat between her breasts,
a feminine brow to soften her face. What a sight…at first glance, then you take another look, and another, and another…see?
She crushes thornes with every step,
her feet hard, from the days strife.
A harsh, yet soft sight.
Big beautiful brown eyes, should never have been witness, to so much ugliness & yet they too still have a glow about them.
In every stride she grows & learns, still to discover the empty throne that awaits her.
When she finds inside her that natural light, she’ll know to respond when her real name is called.
Child, don’t be afraid to take your place. Own it for when you are addressed by that name, you would have earned it.
So dance still, sway those hips lightly to this beat called life…embrace who you realy are.
Half truths will starve your soul, learn to point out the real from the fake.
Remember you are born of Women who made real, warm homes out of nothing. Your strength is unmeasured. Best be sure it will be tested still, rise above it, there’s still work to be done. Don’t forget child…
Your throne awaits you, take your place- Empress Woman.

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