• I tend to wear black
    Almost everyday
    Thing is- I’m in mourning

    I lost a little girl.
    She was…wait…
    She’s was GONNA be all these things,
    That I’d now list-
    But you already know
    Coz’ there’s just […]

  • There you lay
    Having had your centre knocked
    Your body’s urge to grasp air
    And remain alive

    Deep breaths
    It aches
    Somethings been hurt
    Crawl up
    Settle down

    There’s pain here
    Oh […]

  • Ravona wrote a new post, Harami 8 years ago

    Thinking torrent thoughts
    Writing words relentless

    Injecting pain into my pen
    Bleeding onto this page

    Draining out this damned dam
    Flooding up a stage

    Spewing out thwarted feelings
    The wretching fills […]

  • Ravona commented on the post, Dear Lord 8 years, 4 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Listen to me,
    Don’t you ever,
    Don’t never tell me
    You understand!
    Because you don’t!

    You don’t understand
    Now I aint saying I’m the only one to ever feel a thing
    But I was the only one there, […]

  • I felt the shame and pride of my culture. Thank you, it is beautiful.

  • Ravona wrote a new post, I am 8 years, 4 months ago

    Fear is my first memory
    I couldn’t tell you when it started
    Falling to the floor,
    Tears broke free when they knew better
    I couldn’t tell you why

    Perfection was my aim,
    I couldn’t […]

  • Ravona wrote a new post, A song 8 years, 4 months ago

    You’re my kaleidiscope dream
    And I was praying that you and me might end up together
    Baby, I’ve loved you for a thousand years, and I’ll love you for a thousand more
    You’ve got me twisted

    Even though my […]

  • What a thing it is to love you
    Every little
    Its burning flames
    On my skin
    But baby it feels so
    love your every
    beginning and end
    bad and so sad

    I see that charred […]

  • Dear Lord
    A gift for words and questions
    I hope You don’t regret,
    Because I’m kneeling here and I have many for You

    I am grateful, please don’t think I’m not
    I know full well that I have a lot
    But […]

  • Creeping darkness fills a space
    There’s nothing there to hold its place
    Nothing, it feels of nothing

    Seeping emptiness
    A vacuum of black
    There’s nothing to hold it back
    Sinking to an abyss

  • Hold me now
    I’m begging
    I need to feel some warmth
    To be real

    Hold me now
    I’m falling
    Catch me please
    I cannot stand

    Hold me now
    I’m crying
    Keep me safe in your arms
    My tears keep […]

  • I mean I write truth in these poems

    I the defender
    Could find no defence for myself
    I was judged by a jury of my peers
    And found guilty
    Even though he were the accused

    I looked to an officer of the […]

  • Its a far away moment
    Even though I’m in it
    Pulling strayed bits of strained me
    Inability to live presently
    Come together
    Feel this, its good, come closer

    Just when it does, holding it for seconds

  • Take me away
    Let’s go there
    I need to go
    to get away

    I wana feel something
    Something new
    Look in wonder,
    Lay my eyes on unseen
    Beauty is difference
    let’s go, let’s go see

    Itchy feet and […]

  • You see I’ve said these words many times
    To any who wished to hear
    But I’m thinking what does love mean? What does my love mean?

    My love is loyal
    I’m not saying there won’t be another you
    I’m […]

  • What a thing it is to love you
    Every little
    Its burning flames
    On my skin
    But baby it feels so
    love your every
    begining and end
    bad and so sad

    I see that charred skin

  • Ravona wrote a new post, Ma 8 years, 5 months ago

    Can you understand longing for something that is there?
    I can. I long for you.
    I miss you Mummy.

    You were magic. Every kind of woman, it was in you.
    But it undid you.
    It was too much. No one can blame […]

  • Ravona wrote a new post, Virus 8 years, 5 months ago

    Wrecked with anxiety and ignorance
    Tasting breakfast again and later moms spaghetti
    So much confusion! What’s a girl gotta do?

    Nothings in place, there’s no sense
    Just drifting from here to […]

  • There’s a light coming,
    It edges a moment at a time
    It says “hold on, draw close, step forward”

    It was there in the distance,
    Too faint to trust
    Never stoked by shut eyes
    It flickered, whispered, and […]

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