You don’t understand

Listen to me,
Don’t you ever,
Don’t never tell me
You understand!
Because you don’t!

You don’t understand
Now I aint saying I’m the only one to ever feel a thing
But I was the only one there, feeling that thing.
So please don’t ever tell me “you understand”

Now pain its relative, and non-comparative
I take nothing from yours
But please unless you were there
And to my knowledge you weren’t
Don’t tell me you understand!

No no you did not feel my blows
Hear my bellows
And if you had would you have done something?
Where was your understanding then?

And if you understood so well
Tell me why then are you professing such
To cover a wound you have just reopened?
No you don’t understand

That there are millions of me,
Generations, civilisations, and whole populations
Of haunted hurt women
And yet you want to say you understand!

You, know, nothing.
Of what it is to bled naturally,
Of life and love unwillingly
To spout kindness
And strength of brazen necessity
For you understanding

Now I’m not saying I am the only one
But you do not understand.

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