Dear Lord

Dear Lord
A gift for words and questions
I hope You don’t regret,
Because I’m kneeling here and I have many for You

I am grateful, please don’t think I’m not
I know full well that I have a lot
But Lord I must I ask,
Did You not see that I really needed my Mummy?
Lord you know I’m thankful, yes I had her for a bit.
Lord did not see what he was doing to me?
Lord you know I’m humbled, you kept me alive
I still cannot believe….

Lord you’ve been there when I didn’t see
You were always company for me
You held my hand and kept me warm
But I still ask You these things,
These are things I cannot understand, they are only for You.

I have and will doubt things to come
Please don’t think I’m unworthy Lord
You tell me I’m not
For what its worth Lord
Your love is the only thing I’m sure of.


  1. I love this soooo much. It expresses so much of how i often feel. Wow!

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