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    what can I say…WOW You drew me in,I envissioned the whole scenario….Damn you are good.

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    The power of words

    In the beginning there was darkness,
    Nothing was yet created…
    Nothing was yet alive…
    but God spoke and everything got life…

    The word is the creator,
    The word is not life but the world brings life,,

    Mahatma Gandhi….Be the change you want to see in the world…
    Martin Luther….I have a dream….
    Nelson Mandela…I have…[Read more]

  • A light is a symbol of hope,it brings peace to my soul.

  • wow gerald ,what a beautiful poem,you know what you wrote here represents my thoughts and perception about the father of our Nation,utata uMandela…

  • How possible can that be?
    How true can that be truthful?
    How can that be truthful ,can a soul ever die?

    There is a hummer that could bring a soul to die.
    There is a sword that could bring a soul to […]

  • Singa singanokudumisa
    Singa singanokubonga
    Emhlabeni ezantsi
    Phezulu ezulwini akafumanekanga ofana nawe

    Uyingcwele,uyingcwele uThixo usomandla
    Uzele luthando nobubele bomntu ongumoni
    Mnini nto zonke […]

  • sing sing my soul so Adele like but its beautiful. I like this line which goes like “the strength rains complete and warm building in the thoughts so selfish reminding that tears dry quickly in the sun” it […]

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