Set The Record Straight

Rumours have it that you’re the reason I found fame;

And that every word I wrote was based on you, I just can’t believe you’re so vain;

So I’ve decided to set the record straight;

Even though you thought I loved you, truth is the girl before you occupied that space;

I used you to get over her, I’m sorry to say;


You were just another pawn in love’s ruthless game;

I never wanted to tell you the truth or let it come out this way;

But you challenged my talent as if you’re the reason I’m made;

When the truth is I just used you as a Band-Aid;


To get over what used to be, I used you as a sex slave;

Like a drug, I used you as an escape;

I may have cried when you left me;

But those were tears of joy and not of pain;


I may have used you as an example but that’s exactly how I used you every other day;

So really looking back girl what’s changed?

I ain’t bitter, I’m just upset at all of this;

People around my way saying you’re the reason for my gift;


So I decided to retaliate and tell you the shit you never knew;

Girl don’t you think if I really wanted you for life, that I’d still be with you;

I’m sure the questions have surfaced, if that was the case, why’d I run you through?

Maybe it’s because I never gave a fuck about you?


You were damaged and easy to fuck, Kirsten my bad,I thought you knew;

But since you claimed my whole book was based on you;

I thought I’d finally tell you the truth;

You weren’t the love of my life, you were just another fucking substitute


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