Come suck the life out of me, my being and soul set free.
Let me live within a secular realm, the armour of distress has me at its helm.
No spirit within the teary pits of my eyes, void of all reaction and truth as its lies.
Educated segregated and the fools celebrated.
Pleased with being teased and my pleas propagated.
Lying on a bed of roses and stains of blood.
Judgement Day is looming with its fiery flood.
Get some enigma to a danger intrigue,
Tales of my villainy within my fatigue.

Paralysed by my own eerie silence, morally illegal life driving has no license.
My inner sins I need to get some penance, my pity party now has a high attendance.
Taken and reciprocated every judgement, of me and now I appeal for God’s atonement.
For my repentance this is my moment, mental parliament’s so fly it is an owl government
Smart puns are in colloquial terms called punch lines.
Because it is lyrical mutilation with battle rhymes.
Wearing big watches because I have risked the big time.
Straightening shows at narrow mindsets that are called crooked crimes.
Get some stigma for conforming’s intrigue,
Stories of my wicked fatigue.

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