Passive Power

Load, aim and fire.
Shoot out of the barrel that confined you.
Lead you are. Leader you will be.
Asphyxiate my being to immense pressure.
Explode out whilst you implode in.
Flying out of the barrel of violence that I was so long a part of.
Flip the magazine.
See the image of perfection tattered on its firing range.
Ruffle the whiskers of the tame lion that you will soon emulate.
Possessing the potential to leave an impact.
A wound on the warrior of war.
Yet you roll over in a solid state.
Afraid to stretch the frequency of your voice into a roar.
Passive are you not? Why then both?
Rise. You must to load, aim and fire.
Shoot out of the barrel.
I am your gun and you are the lead bullet.

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