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As I lie awake at night and gaze upon the stars

My visions carry me to far away places, sometimes even Mars


Discovering exotic islands, untouched by the human hand,

To bathe in crystal waterfalls and dance on beaches of pure white sand.


Exploring the ancient pyramids of Giza, and the Sphinx of Egypt old

Behold this imposing wonder, of which ageless tales have been told.


To walk in the footsteps of Caesar, through the majestic Colosseum of Rome.

Where gladiators fought in fierce combat and prayers were offered in the Pantheon Dome.


I swim within the ocean, to the depths of Poseidon’s lair,

Discovering a world… spectacular, of which most mortals are completely unaware.


I journey on the adventurous path of my vivid imagination.

So when life seems dismal and dreary, my dreams are my inspiration.

Cloud Of Rain(Love) – By Antholeen Petersen

Love is the shower that rains down when you don’t expect it.
When a cloud hovering over you intends rain and you think you’ll do well to reject it.
But let’s perfect it
And say that Love rains down like a storm at sea, tempest tossed at every turn Churning the inner workings of your being
And truth be told from the words of Antholeen
I’ve never seen love up close and have not yet felt it’s rain
But unlike anything else love is an act that allows a spectators gain
As I’ve seen one try to make on their own And then fall into a trap, love strapped
To making a home.

Love rains down and though we tend to frown at the arrival of a cloud
Before long rain turns to bells as we’ve hear the wedding sound.

Romeo, He said Marry me Juliet, and then we’ll never be alone.
I’ll be yours like a ray of sun, where the two of us shall become one.
For what God had joined together, let nothing put asunder
As the rain of love had pulled us under
Under a cloud intending rain
And Before long we had much more than rain to gain
And I see it
Spectator at much, looking on to the arrival of an everlasting love.
And I wonder
What God had joined together let no man put asunder
as some enjoy the plunder
Of falling time and time again
Into love with 2 hearts to one just as God would intend.
See I’ve only but seen it.
The showering rain of love
And love can only come from above.

Because Love is the shower that rains down when you don’t expect it.
When a cloud hovering over you intends rain and you think you’ll do well to just reject it.
But let’s perfect it
And say that Love rains down like a storm at sea, tempest tossed at every turn Churning the inner workings of your inner being.
And so I’ve seen it. – Written By Antholeen Petersen

Self-Medicating, Addicts Are Just Trying To Survive ( The Reasons Behind Why People Chase The Dragon They Call “The Next High”)

I was too young too know and too blind to see;

That your level of experience were light years ahead of me;

You knew how to run game while I was ever eager to please;

I guess it’s the result of bieng a cursed seed;


You pretended we had forever and a day, you were so good at running game that you made me without doubt believe;

With faith I thought you were going be my ride or die girl;

Only to find out there’s another side of love my parents never told me about first;

Guess they wanted to protect me from this world and it’s constant form of hurt;


So all I ever knew was the kind of love that fairytales were based on;

Girl everything you told me I took as the truth, when you were just stringing me along;

Giving away my love when I wasn’t around;

And I never had a clue that the heart of my world never felt the same;


Just using me to get over the man she had before I came;

I finally understood the emotions of a band-aid;

Used just to heal a temporary wound then tossed away;

Born to take away another persons pain;


I guess after you that’s when I lost my way;

My heart went into hiding and a block of ice took it’s place;

It hid so deep I forgot  what you did killed a part of me and I was never the same;

When you left after I found out you were f**king my nigga who I thought would never do me that way;


My soul went into mourning laying to rest my heart that died from pain;

My body comforted my soul as my mind ran away;

Trying to escape the memories you left me with when you walked away;

I had a few girls since, but I punished them for your crimes against my innocent heart;


It took me years to stand up from our fall, I broke alot of bones, that fall was hard;

I still haven’t been able to love again so when I do find a girl we always grow apart;

While she wonders what she did wrong, I never tell her I’m the fault;

It’s easier being alone than wondering if she is loving someone new;


And I’m the last one to find out while the rest of the world already knew;

I’ll never let that happen again, I’ll never be that unknowing fool;

Enduring whispers and undercover giggles as I pass by without a clue;

Only to find out the reason for the looks was that everyone knew what I couldn’t see;


I can’t lie I hated you and probably without knowing I still do for the things you did to me;

You were the reason I never achieved my dream;

You were the reason my family hated me and branded me the black sheep;

You were the reason I lost my soul and was no longer who I used too be;


I eventually found a way to move on and slowly memories were replaced;

I forgot I hated you because my heart hid it so far away;

I slipped into addications and I didn’t understand why my past followed me into my present day;

How come I was saved,supposed to be free yet bound like a slave;


You were gone, years passed and I slid back into my Thugish ways;

Never understanding why my spirit and body were in a tug of war;

Why wasn’t I set free, on my knees I asked the Lord;

Shouldn’t I be better than I was before;


Why am I still self medicating when there’s no obvious reason to find;

I ain’t hurting and I can’t remember the last time I cried;

My heart ain’t broken I haven’t been in love for the longest time;

Life’s good and I got more money than the bank should allow, I’m doing just fine;


Yet every 2nd day I be blowing lines;

Every other day I be choking on smoke watching in slow mo as time rolls by;

I realised one morning as I watched the sun rise;

Something is wrong this ain’t right;


I stood on the balcony of my present looking back on my past to see where I lost my way;

Maybe if I found it God can go back with me and heal the pain;

So I could start living my life in the moment again;

I tried but couldn’t find my heart, it was somewhere lost in the corners of a dark dark cave;


I tried calling out to it but only heard the echoes of my voice boomerag back my way;

I still haven’t found my heart and in the process of searching, my soul got lost in the same dark place;

My spirit refuses to follow them and so my body is pulled and twisted trying to survive;

As my spirit condemns the sins of my soul and heart cause they be chasing white lines;


Alone in the dark where nobody sees them get high;

Punishing my body for another girls crimes;

While my spirit is crying out to God to have mercy and not to send me to hell when I die;

With tears claming we know not what we do, to forgive us just one more time;


It’s like I’m split and I stand watching this from the sidelines of my broken life;

As if I quit on all of them just to find some piece of mind;

I ain’t a man of conflict, I hate it to fight;

I didn’t want to enter into a spiritual war between the forces of evil and light;


I didn’t know getting saved signed me up for a silent war within the battlefield of my mind;

If I did I’d have waited a little while;

But I had came to the end of me and the next choice was suicide;

Instead of bieng selfish I thought about my Mamma for once in my life;


So I took the step one Sunday perhaps more as a way to survive;

I didn’t do it for Jesus even though I pretended I did, but I had my own intentions in mind;

I thought eventually I’ll become holy filled and sanctified;

Only to find out Jesus be jealous and don’t appreciated bieng made a fool of when He sacrificed His life;


I was only fooling myself while living a lie;

Wearing a mask in public but when I’m alone I remove the make-up as my tears wash away my fake smile;

Instead of falling asleep I would just cry;

Laying awake,too afraid to fall asleep in case I saw the girl who broke my heart for the very first time;


I’m still torn between two worlds, hearing Jesus call my name as I get high;

I don’t know what to do and whoever I ask, tell me shit that doesn’t help, like “You’ll be fine”;

I can’t be mad at them though, how could they understand my struggle if they never had to endure my fight;

How could a person who knew Jesus before they knew life understand when I knew about life before Jesus came into my life;


So I just pretend I’m doing fine, but those who know me well can see the truth I tried so hard to hide;

The world can’t see the obvious signs;

While my nigga’s are too afraid to ask me, I can see the concern in their eyes;

Wondering if the next time I get high could be the last time;


I am sure there are alot of people struggling behind the scenes just like these problem of mine;

Who drink and get high not by choice but as a means to survive;

I hope somebody finds the answer to overcoming this way of life;

Cause I can feel that my time is running out of time.


open your ears and listen to the sound
gravity pulling it towards earth
tears from the sky dances on rooftops
nature’s heart beats………
listen closely
tugged in between sheets
mother earth blooms
opens her arms to receive the blessings
creation tremble in its roots
drink this magical potion
trees sing as soft winds sway them in motion
flowers with droplets on their cheeks rejoice
birds nestled in trees do not venture
it dawns upon them
first light
red horizon silvergrey
look carefully
there’s a hole in the sky
rays playfully slides down
water reflects
adjust your eyes and look carefully
light brings life and water alike
nocturnal beasts from both sides
the time has arrived
clear your lungs
sound nature’s alarm
sound nature’s alarm and make it known
Creatures calling themselves humans
systematically synchronised
plugged into the system
streams flowing as it falls
earth transforms into puddles of mud
‘when will the rain stop’ she asks
‘what rain’ I asked
if you listened carefully
it wasn’t rain
it was droplets falling from the sky
dancing on rooftops
blessing falling on mother earth
her body swollen with water

for you
for me
for us
and them

A Story about a Girl

I have to tell a story
About a girl who had no glory

Outspoken yet so broken
Being rude,
Always in a mood

Never had luck with guys
They will take one look at her and realize,
That they want her friend in the dazzling disguise

She felt very unattractive
Yet wanted to be active

Always taking a back seat
Never felt strong enough to take the lead

Wanting no-one to know
The true beauty inside, who wants to burst out and show

She started to analyze and delve
Within herself
Believed that there was something within her,
She just needed to stir

She became beautiful and bold
She discovered gold

Humble and kind
With an open and wise mind

She realized the fight was never external
It was always internal

She is now happy and content with her beautiful soul
She has reached her utmost goal
Her inner beauty is what makes her glow
Yes from insecure to bold she did grow
The way she sway her hips when she walks
The kind words she says when she talks
Her heart filled with love, compassion and integrity
This is her serendipity

What is God?

God is Air.

God is in the atoms of the elements
that rustle the leaves of a sycamore tree.

God is Breath.

God is the deep calm we inhale
to steady the breathlessness
Grief and Anger
hit us with.

God is Being.

God is You and Me.
God is Everything.
God is Anything.

God is what God is.

The Independent Woman

I’m listening to the radio, playing a love song
Suddenly for love I long

I have a house and a car
But this does not make me happy by far

I worked hard for what I have today
But believe you me; there is a price to pay

When I go home and turn the key
No-one is there waiting for me

No-one to hold my hand
No-one to understand
No-one with whom to talk
No-one with whom to walk
No-one to be there
No- one to care
No-one to make you smile
Even just for a while

Sometimes I think it’s a curse
Or something way worst

To be a woman who is sorted and needs nothing
But in actual fact is in need of everything

Especially someone to warm the bed
Why use a blanket instead?

No-one to hold my hand
No-one to understand
No-one with whom to talk
No-one with whom to walk
No-one to be there
No- one to care
No-one to make you smile
Even just for a while

I will exchange it in a heartbeat
In order to feel the heat

For someone to love you so
And who never wants to let you go


When you are born
People celebrate the birth of a new innocent soul
People are overwhelmed
By happiness, love and laughter

With hopes hanging high like white clouds in the blue skies
With expectations standing tall like sky-scrapers and
Longing for the far Future to come nearer…

Tick tack tick tack
Tick tack tick tack…

Until it comes
When time allows you to be old
Until it comes
When experience allows you to know…

Its painful…
How people look at you with disgust
How people look at you as if you don’t exist
How people look at you and feel like you are too needy

When all you need is Love
When all you need is care
When all you need is support

Its painful…
How when you have have become a child again
But a child of no innocent soul anymore

A child who’s nothing but a mere burden
A child who’s nothing but a distraction
A child who’s anything but a time delaying tactic in LIFE

Its painful…
How when time and experience has broken down ur strength
How when being Old has cut short your knowing hands
How when being Old has held your magic feet captive
How when being old has dried the wisdom in your mouth
How when being old has deprived you of your educated eyes
How when being old has stolen your careful ears

Its painful because people think you are too much

When all you need is love
When all you need is care
When all you need is support…

When you are old and have become a child again
That’s what people really take you for; a ‘mere’ child
But I can’t think of why they fail to afford you what really a child needs

Because all you need is love,
Because all you need is care
Because alll you need is support

And that’s all.


how can the world be so empty, no life just loneliness, only the sounds of birds, waves and a blow of air. living with the thoughts of what if, if I could have. am I living in regrets or regrets are living me.? everything seems so slow a minute had became an hour, an hour had became a month and a month had became a year. with a blink of hope I believe I will rise again, like a son rising on the mountains. it will begin to shine, my world and life will shine like never before. that day I will call my self a conqueror!

life of greatness

He saved a pupil soiled and earmarked with the blood of innocence
With his return cries of freedom were sung from shallow graves
As a formidable contender against prejudice he was undeterred by his limitations
The bearer of a nation founded on prejudice displayed a grandeurs nature
Tata Mandela, a fabric to which a whole land was cultivated and sown back together
A warrior who portrayed divine providence and liberated pupils after years of incarceration
As the rainbow that shown light into a dark nation he was flawless in his ways but unique in his take
Through his charismatic leadership he brought peace, liberated minds imprisoned for centuries and created a safe refuge for the displaced
Those who passed but never forgotten were praised with prose from a man who understood their sacrifice
Many words of endearment have been used to speak of his bravery but none of which fully encompassed his greatness
A leader who’s charismatic ways were admired by many worlds over
His courage and ability to forgive his perpetrators was like none other
He refused to let his past experiences cloud his vision for a united nation
On to the future he statuously marched with his magical aura and unique shirts
He embarked on a long walk to freedom filled with sacrifices and bittersweet moments
He coined historic phrases of wisdom that have inspired enemies to mend fences
He softened the hearts of those who only knew to hate thy neighbours
He influenced the desire to forgive in the hearts of victims who only knew decades of injustice
He exhumed elements of a saint but man he remained
With a defiant spirit he negotiated an end to a lifetime of structural indifference and hardship against people of colour
In his mind’s eye all man were born equal and none was inherently hateful
There was a magnificence about him that stood the test of time until his death bed
He remained constant throughout his life through a display of common humanity