It took me a day to know you, but a decade to know you from the inside.
It took me a minute to fool you, but a lifetime to love you.
Though I may forget about you for a second, its nothing compared to how I feel about you for hours.
Your pleasant, appealing appearance makes my world much brighter and my days much easier.
I played with your heart a thousand times, broke your trust a million times but still you showed me more million ways to love you.
In you did I not only find my being but also my well being and if I were to be kicked from home, your heart would be the first place I’d think of cause that’s where it feels like home too.
Your place in my heart is like the greatest star of all heaven, it does not move across the sky like all the other stars do, it blinks much faster and shines much brighter than all the other stars, just like your place in my heart.
I thought I loved you but I lied cause at first it was just love at first sigh.
I love you without knowing how, when or where.
I love you simply without pride but with passion.
I love you not for what you have but for who you are and made me.
And if I were to lose my memory, I’d still know that I have loved you with all my heart and that has always been enough for me.

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