Birth Place Of My Soul

Often I feel I’ve done too much this time;

And that there is no way back of which I can find;

My problems surround me like a starless night;

And worry has my spiritual man blind;


I feel like I’ve played You for a fool for the last time;

When I asked for forgiveness only to ask You the same thing the very next night;

If I was You I would have given up on me and turned away my face;

Yet it’s as if before I ask You come and offer me mercy and grace;

Things I will never understand about the depth of Your love, too hard to explain;


Things I could never live without and need more and more everyday;

Nothing can compare to Your ever lasting grace;

That You without question wash my sins away as if I never sinned in the first place;

Lord what makes You love me this way;


I know alot of girls just like me can’t understand why Almighty God would waste His power and time;

On a stubborn fool like me who can’t shake a sin filled life;

But whatever it is that makes You love me so much I am forever thankful and will be until I die;

The hell I went through here will be well worth the moment You and me lock eyes for the very first time;


And You say “Well done good and faithful servant” with tears in Your eyes;

While I can’t stand in Your presence and fall to Your feet and cry;

You lift me up and say “I have been waiting for this moment for a long time”;

As You replay all the prayers I sent to heaven at night;


Asking to meet You face to face and being disappointed when it felt like You ignored my cries;

When in fact You were right there by my side all the time;

Even before I called Your name while consumed by fear in the darkness of the night;

I just couldn’t see for in my spirit my vision was blind;


I can’t wait to feel what a whole heart feels like again;

It’s been so long that I’ve become used to living this way;

I forgot that I was meant to live like a King and not like a slave;

I was of a royal bloodline because of the living sacrifice You made;


I can’t wait to relive my childhood days;

That I miss so much now but were snatched away;

A place where I no longer miss my past and feel regret and blame;

For breaking her heart when I had no clue about life or love or the cost of making a mistake;


Where I can write You songs and poetry of praise;

And watch You read it with tears streaming down Your face;

Where we will laugh at my earthly days;

Where I acted the fool as if I was the most important person to be alive;


A place where there is no fear and a struggle to survive;

A place where real love resides and not the substitute love we’ve come to know in this life;

Where hearts are never broken and where no one can erase your smile;

Where everything is free and everything costs nothing;


Where I can come see You face to face without fighting opposing forces just to tell You something;

A place where my name is written in the Book of Life with gold etching;

Where I feel famous and have a mansion of my own to live in;

And no one can judge me or hurt me for their own selfish reasons;


Where the grim reaper’s clock is no longer ticking away;

Where I can walk without fear or worry for the rest of my days;

Where I need not fight temptation and loose all the time and not know why I do the same things over and over again;

Where I never have to worry about tomorrow and what it may hold;


A place where I don’t hate people but cherish them like gold;

A place where my tears are stored for me to see like the bible always told;

I can’t wait to go back to my first home;

The place I left to fight this war, oh I can’t wait to go back home, the birth place of my soul


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