You kept me waiting

Waiting alone at the bus stop wondering when are you going to show up
Counting all the fallen leaves and comparing those incidentally standing in pairs as you and I
Breeze so strong to carry a new born baby from the bottom to the top of the khalifa tower
Listening to the sound of cars fleeting by and taxis hooting for those who are ready for job, as those who work close by were walking in groups exchanging amusing moments they had
Students looking pleasant in their uniforms playing around as they usually do and fade away after some few seconds

I was still waiting
Patiently waiting for the one who promised to appear and fetch me
The one I thought is muscular enough to be lifted by me while she carries the world and claim triumph
I was still waiting
Waiting to see her smile next to me


  1. None of this rhymes, is this poetry, perhaps I’m confused?

  2. kribo poetry is supposed to bring peace of mind and happiness in one’s life, so i wont entertain your inappropriate comment. besides, rhymes are not the only figures of speech used in poems. #mr._violence

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