Strong confident women

Strong confident women
thats all you hear
“we know what we want,
and we go and get it”
strong confident women
have you forgotten
how you came to be
where you are?
the sisters the mothers
the fathers who said
“girl you can be anything you want”
the mother who stayed in
an abusive marriage
to give you an education ,
the women who went without
food so you could eat –
strong confident women
you say “men you guys are
fun to have around ,but we
dont need you ”
you never thought that
when you were sleeping
your way to the top
have you forgotten your sister
who stood by you
when your heart was broken
so why do you dispise her
if she is not as educated as you
as rich as you ,as successfull as you
strong confident women
if your’e that strong
that confident
why do you see the need
to let everyone know
your’e strong and confident
it should radiate from within
like that of Ruth , Sarah and Rebekka women of old
who were beautifull ,strong ,
confident ,gracious and loyal
these along with mothers
grandmothers and sisters
before you were
strong confident women

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