Undeserved Praise

Some call it fate, others call it my lucky day;

Even if I’m unsure from wence my blessing came;

I don’t care what others have to say;

As for me all I can say is it’s my Jesus anyways;


Some say I’ve lost the plot, others say I’m crazy of late;

But I know a little secret so I just smile and wave;

I’d give all I have away;

But I’ll never trade my Jesus come what may;


See I don’t know much and I’m the first to say;

But this one thing I know moves mountains out of the way;

When I give my Jesus that undeserved praise;

When I give Him praise on credit, when I’m not even sure if He sent the blessings of today;


When you’re in credit with Jesus, He hates debt, so He’ll make sure He clears His name;

Let me go a bit deeper and explain;

I need not beg whenever I pray;

All I need do is give Him undeserved praise;


Praise for things He never told me He has done or blessings He’s sent my way;

See I praise Him not out of need, but because He is the love of my life, He stole my heart away;

Nobody had to force me, He chose to patiently wait;

I fell in love with Jesus because He was faithful no matter how many times I’d fail;


Undeserved praise, Jesus I love to be in credit with Your name;

When I start singing from my heart and tears flood my face;

As I feel Your heart break when my words penerate the spiritual realm and knock on Heaven’s gates;

As the arc angels open those pearly gates and escort my praise;


And it lands at the foot of Your throne, putting a huge smile on Your precious praise;

You see what most fail to understand is You already have it all, the one thing You don’t is our praise;

So that one thing I will give You all the time until my final day;

Jesus I’ll always give You more than just any kind of praise, I’ll give You that undeserved praise.

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