Reason Why (20.09.90)

Girl I’ve finally changed into a man and you’re the reason why;

I couldn’t see your worth while you were mine;

Selfishness and pride had me so blind;

My heart was stuck in the past, I should have told you the truth instead of living a lie;


If you could see me today, you won’t believe your eyes;

I no longer go out drinking and partying all night;

I no longer hurt anyone even if they hurt me, I choose to walk away with a smile;

I keep my word and I’m living how God made me to be, I no longer live a make-believe life;


I don’t have any friends, those ones that stole all our time;

I spend most of my time at home, I’ve become a success and you’re the reason why;

Yes, I regret and yes I still miss you every day and night;

I know you’re gone for good and it still makes me cry;


You showed me the meaning of true love and I’m forever grateful we met;

I haven’t forgiven myself for loosing you yet;

I still believe our forever came to an early end;

And if I could I’d do anything to get another chance to love you again;


I thank God for the brief moments we spent;

When you gave your all too me, it was all worth it in the end;

Even though you never got to see the reasons behind;

Why we met, I’m the perfect man, you’re the reason why

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