I am still Human!

When you pass me on your way to work
When you stare at me with disgust
When you look away with shame
Please remember that:
Ignoring my existance won’t extinguish me
Spitting on me won’t make me disappear
Turning a blind eye won’t vanish me
Please remember that:
When I bow to you begging for a penny
When I give out my dirty hand unto you
When I gaze at you with innocent eyes
And when I smile at you with yellow teeth and a bad breath
Please remember that:
Sleeping on cold concrete street floors
doesn’t make me less of a human
Eating out of gabbage bins and dumping sites
doesn’t make me a dog
Wearing dirty old clothes and not taking a bath
doesn’t make me a virus,bacteria,or some disease you should be scared of
Begging all day long
doesn’t make me inferior to you
Having no place to call home
doesn’t make me an animal
Please remember that:
When you sleep at night
please thank and count your lucky stars
When you think that you are too fat
please think of the starving
When you don’t like the clour of your shoes
please think of walking with cracked heels on a winter day
Please remember that:
For I have a heart that pumps blood through my veins
For I have feelings of love and pain,like when you spit on me
For I still have hope for a brighter day:
that oneday you would look past my
unhygiene,my begging,my starving,my stinking scent,my poverty

That you would one day look into my eyes
and see the grace that I have;that I am a nice person and well mannered
that you would listen to me and hear my hopes and dreams alongside
my passion and ambition
that you would listen to my heartbeat and feel the love I have inside of me
and that you would give my hand a helping hand
and not ignore me but encourage me to reach my goals
by teaching me how to fish
by remembering that I am God’s image
by remembering that humanity is lost when we stop fighting for one another

And most importantly remembering that:

What could I have done?

As I watch movies of apartheid,
as I read of apartheid,
as I hear of apartheid
as I imagine the apartheid era

I ask myself:
What could I have done?

Was I going to fight or flee?
Was I going to be courageous or a coward?
Would I have stood rockstill or hide?
Would I live to tell the tale or would the tale tell of me?
What would my part have been?
Would I have endured the pain or gave into it?

Could I have been able to see the sun through the thunder storm?
Could I have believed in the silver linings of the dark clouds?
Could I have been able to imagine the light at the end of the tunnel?
Could I have been able to hold on till tomorrow?
Could I have been able to believe that oneday these teargas tears
would once be tears of joy?
That these wounds would once be wounds of belief,hope and courage?

Would I have had hope for a better tomorrow?
That I would once shake hands with my enemy?
That this nightmare would once benefit generations to come

I also ask myself
would I have carried the cross with Jesus or crucified him?

As a daughter of the South African soil
I would like to give a great applaud to our fallen stars,
Our forgotten soldiers,
Our heroes and heroines,
Both alive and those only with us in spirit,
may their names be written in every black seed’s mind and heart
may we carry their courage in our souls
may every history book remind us of them
may every street corner,monument and statue be for and about them
may we remember them in all our country’s victory and achievements

For they are the reason why I can write,walk,talk,breathe,sleep and live freely

Amandla to you all!
For having fought for a dream that you carried only in your
hearts and souls
For enduring the pain,
For standing for what you believed in,
For being selfless

I the daughter of the soil would like to say

Will you be there?

Will you be there when I rise again?
When the phoenix in me arises?
Will you be there when the universe gives me
the applaude I deserve?

When haters are left with no more hate for me?
When my glory shines even brighter than the morning star?
When I have conquered all odds?
When I have risen above and beyond limitations and boundaries?

Will you still be there even when you have
realised the greatness I posses?
When you’ve realised the marvel that I am?

Will you be there at my worst point in life?
When the walls have crushed on me?
When darkness seems to have won?
When beauty has faded?
When wrinkles have taken over?

Will you be there?and
love me still?

I wish you’d remain young

I wish you’d remain young and innocent as a
newly born lamb
I wish you’d remain chubby,jolly and sweet
like the morning star
I wish you’d remain fresh and blossom
like a sunflower
I wish you’d remain with your sweeter scent of trust,
with your perfect smile,
and beautiful eyes,
with your contagious laughter that brings
the smell of freshly rained soil

I wish you’d remain the gentle untainted soul
that careses my life
I wish you’d remain the purest pure of purity

I wish you’d never have to feel pain
or the sight of cruelity
I wish you’d never have to witness
poverty and frustrations of life

I wish you’d never had to know the reality
of failure and disappointment
I wish you’d never have to
frown,curse or regret

I wish you’d never have to think
you know more better
I wish you’d never have to bite the hand that feeds you,
or take the easy way out

I wish you’d never want to leave
your skin colour or background
I wish you’d never be too lazy
or too curious of the unknown

I wish you’d always remain true to yourself and roots
I wish you’d never loose your ways,
customs,beliefs,dreams,religion and language

I wish you’d remain true,kind and respectful
I wish you’d never loose your way
or your virginity

I wish you’d remain young,pure,good
and always mine

She was

She was sweet,lovely,kind and cheerful
She was one of a kind,always cared for everyone,
always gave away our old clothes,
always gave me a good hiding whenever
I lost my school jersey(a habit I’ve since lost)
with a wet bath cloth in the bath

Always gave us a fit when we didn’t
finish our plates,
“People are starving and you’re ungrateful”
Being a kid then I didn’t understand
but I do now

I was my brother’s keeper,being the firstborn,
back and forth from creche I would take him
I hated it then,
but when another kid would make fun of him
I would in a heartbeat try to discipline that damn kid!

She left that day and somehow,
I knew that she wasn’t coming back
as she’d often do
It was June the 12th when we were told
of their passing a day after my birthday
we almost cried our eyes out but luckily we didn’t,
imagine being blind and parentless!
It was June the 17th when she was placed
in a brown box,she laid in it,
as beautiful as I always remembered her,
but she seemed numb,cold and lifeless,
I thought however that the box seemed
too small and stiff,but anyway it mattered not,
since it will be put in a six feet pit,which will be decomposed
by the earth and all the worms and whatever that lived in the earth,
in maybe a day,or a week or a month but definitely
It will be tattered and just bones left

She was our everything
She was our mother and provider
Our protector and disciplinarian
She was our guardian and mentor
She was our rock

She was our mother.


Woman….you will hold the blade at its sharpest
You will smile through the flood of tears from your gracious eyes
You will hope for a better tomorrow through the hurricane
You will give up your dreams for the pnes you adore and love
You will love like you have never been hurt

You will be naive of the truth of abuse
You will keep hoping that he might change
That he will remember the first day he fell in love with you
When he told you that you are the most beautiful woman alive
When he told you that he cherishes and worships you

You will put on extra make up to cover those bruises he punched
and scrached on your devine face
You will keep making excuses for him
and he will continue to dominate you
He will kick you out naked at the middle of night
with nowhere to go and you will beg for his mercy

The scars and wounds will heal and vanish
You’ll restore your beauty again but you will be bitter
You will want to kill him for killing you internally
You will want to stab him for slicing your heart into pieces
You will want to break him for your broken bones and promises

You will want to run away from the stranger you see in the mirror
for the eyes staring back at you full of hatred and so cold
You will keep searching for yourself without avail
You will wounder what happened to you and who is this empty being

He will continue with his life
And you will have to refind yourself
He will pick up where he left
And you will pick up all the pieces of you
You will still tremble at night but you will get through it

You will stand as the rock that you are
You will smile once more
You will be stronger and less angrier
You will slowly be you
You will walk again wiyh confidence
You will recognise the face you see in the mirror
You will be better than the bitterness

Maybe you will love again
Maybe you will forgive
But you will never forget


The flame of rememberance

The flame that reminds us of our doings
The pain we have inflicted on others
The challenges we have been through
and the hurdles that are still ahead
The flame that keeps burning in us
with sparks of hope and a light of perserverance
The warmth of faith and the brightness of a better tomorrow

The flame that reminds us of our weaknesses and faults
The flame that reminds us of situations we can’t control or change,
our hleplesness and frustrations
The flame that reminds us of the
cosequences of our decisions and actions,
our misjudgements and foolishness

The flame that reminds us of our imperfections
And that we are only just human,
loaded with a bunch of faults and a
bigger room for improvement and corrections

The flame that reminds us that we are still here
for a mission,reason and speciality
that ought to be accomplished

The flame that reminds us that we are more than
we think we are
We are yet to discover our inner man
our inner ability,talents an gifts

The flame that reminds us that today is gone
Tomorrow is a gift we might not receive
but hope to get
That bygones are bygones

The flame that reminds us that
we can start all over again tomorrow

I will look back

I wil look back at my life
At my past and yesterday
I will look back at all that has crossed path with me
at the intercession of life
I will look back at my dreams
all that I have managed to dream with my eyes opened
and all that remained only as dreams and only came
at the close of my eyelids under the warm shinning summer’s moon
on the beautiful glowing with glister black dress

I will look back at all the folks with their different strokes
that I have met and soon had to part with
as such is life,season for reason and those
that have stuck with me and are deeply rooted in my being

I will look back at the lessons I have collected thus far
some carved on my skin and bones,
whilst others rooted deeply in my heart and flowing
to the veins of my brain as a constant reminder of life’s curves,
hills,thorns,blades and swords

I will look back at the lines that run deep on my face,
due to the manier times I have smiled and laughed.