She was

She was sweet,lovely,kind and cheerful
She was one of a kind,always cared for everyone,
always gave away our old clothes,
always gave me a good hiding whenever
I lost my school jersey(a habit I’ve since lost)
with a wet bath cloth in the bath

Always gave us a fit when we didn’t
finish our plates,
“People are starving and you’re ungrateful”
Being a kid then I didn’t understand
but I do now

I was my brother’s keeper,being the firstborn,
back and forth from creche I would take him
I hated it then,
but when another kid would make fun of him
I would in a heartbeat try to discipline that damn kid!

She left that day and somehow,
I knew that she wasn’t coming back
as she’d often do
It was June the 12th when we were told
of their passing a day after my birthday
we almost cried our eyes out but luckily we didn’t,
imagine being blind and parentless!
It was June the 17th when she was placed
in a brown box,she laid in it,
as beautiful as I always remembered her,
but she seemed numb,cold and lifeless,
I thought however that the box seemed
too small and stiff,but anyway it mattered not,
since it will be put in a six feet pit,which will be decomposed
by the earth and all the worms and whatever that lived in the earth,
in maybe a day,or a week or a month but definitely
It will be tattered and just bones left

She was our everything
She was our mother and provider
Our protector and disciplinarian
She was our guardian and mentor
She was our rock

She was our mother.

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