Woman….you will hold the blade at its sharpest
You will smile through the flood of tears from your gracious eyes
You will hope for a better tomorrow through the hurricane
You will give up your dreams for the pnes you adore and love
You will love like you have never been hurt

You will be naive of the truth of abuse
You will keep hoping that he might change
That he will remember the first day he fell in love with you
When he told you that you are the most beautiful woman alive
When he told you that he cherishes and worships you

You will put on extra make up to cover those bruises he punched
and scrached on your devine face
You will keep making excuses for him
and he will continue to dominate you
He will kick you out naked at the middle of night
with nowhere to go and you will beg for his mercy

The scars and wounds will heal and vanish
You’ll restore your beauty again but you will be bitter
You will want to kill him for killing you internally
You will want to stab him for slicing your heart into pieces
You will want to break him for your broken bones and promises

You will want to run away from the stranger you see in the mirror
for the eyes staring back at you full of hatred and so cold
You will keep searching for yourself without avail
You will wounder what happened to you and who is this empty being

He will continue with his life
And you will have to refind yourself
He will pick up where he left
And you will pick up all the pieces of you
You will still tremble at night but you will get through it

You will stand as the rock that you are
You will smile once more
You will be stronger and less angrier
You will slowly be you
You will walk again wiyh confidence
You will recognise the face you see in the mirror
You will be better than the bitterness

Maybe you will love again
Maybe you will forgive
But you will never forget


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