Will you be there?

Will you be there when I rise again?
When the phoenix in me arises?
Will you be there when the universe gives me
the applaude I deserve?

When haters are left with no more hate for me?
When my glory shines even brighter than the morning star?
When I have conquered all odds?
When I have risen above and beyond limitations and boundaries?

Will you still be there even when you have
realised the greatness I posses?
When you’ve realised the marvel that I am?

Will you be there at my worst point in life?
When the walls have crushed on me?
When darkness seems to have won?
When beauty has faded?
When wrinkles have taken over?

Will you be there?and
love me still?


  1. Will you be there,i luv it really interested me in way i feel like more of this poems

  2. Hi Mpho i love ur poems can i please add u on my Facebook?

  3. Nice i love it.

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