Poetic Paradox

It is eternally a mind altering thought
that of poetry’s paradox in every moment born,
its multicoloured wings spawn this age of floating ashes…
flashes of the other side of what awaits our words,
what awaits our hearts a part of a whole different world.
Unfurled everyday upon our eager lips
within our kisses and our wishes that sweep our souls
we are consoled by love in her paradoxical cloak,
invoked by love’s deprive..yet alive
waiting willingly in the tears of our lover’s cry.
I have beheld the world in my eyes
in a moments breath on either side
where contrast ideas collide in a mind full of sky..
where twinkling stars cast their gaze
and sunlit days turn to nights of rain.
i am captured by the frames of time

Sold to my soul

The solemn mood is right now out here
and the yellow hallowed moon burns bright
to write my mind vomit spilling out.
By starlight the dazzling night is cold,
sold silently to my waking soul
as I find this conversation on the other side.
Arid leaves have fallen to the ground below,
up on my roof, again I’m slow to melt away
like light Summer raindrops quenching gently,
fears trapped in tears wash away what’s in me.
Burnished beams of light from inside
out and away into the dormant night
you take flight and expand the heavens.
My thoughts carried rapidly through my mind
as I am lost in some kind of enchanted tale
I find the words I inhale on this page,
a centre stage, my own master puzzle
guzzling, flowing forth as my pen takes shape.
I escape, unraveling line by line
splattered out across a surreal time
as though a new painting still against a wall
I fall…
drawn deep into my perplexing dreams
as this night’s realm captures me.
I gaze up into the stars above,
think about love as life breathes away from enemies
I feel you touch the scars that have cut me.
Time travels through my eyes
as the skies mirror what earth beholds
I am sold…
silently to my waking soul,
I am whole if just for this moment in time
in this I find my own divine.
Beyond the fine line that separates a world of hate
I stand knocking at the gate of grace,
Heart, body and mind open to the space in dreams told
I am sold …silently to my waking soul.

Love feels gone

For years I have watched the seasons go by,
dry and shrivelled inside this wondow frame
I look beyond yet I am still frozen inside
Alive and dying on my bed of fallen pieces left wanting,
Hunting the outside for what seems to be never mine.
Winter has fractured my mind,
twisted my spine to shape its unescapable relm
of hidden tints and under tones
that roam the hours of this sour place
I face delemma daintfully, dedicated
as I have failed to eradicate what I can’t escape.
It’s the same hours now that pass my rusted window
still yearning the lust that gusts by,
by and by the wind cries as I cry alone
alone….love feels alone,
Love feels gone,
gone is love from my home.


I walk naked through this masquerade ball
unashamed of the flesh I’m born
as masks lies disguise roaming eyes,
glittering grand gestures of lure
like a cure to my curiosity steel hooks you seek
beneath my skin I’m weak as your hands close.
But I am like the yearning rose you do not know,
my thorns expose spilt reddened blood…
drained truth as your veils wilt
desirously…I seek what you do not speak.
Lips move but few move me
as my heart feels a voice of another crazed soul
I am entranced in your dance…
drenched in your rain…
without shame I feel you feel me.
Drawn to the energy of your life, my thorns,
like a knife expose the windows you hide
with eyes wide I see you bleed.
I feel the need to unravel you complete,
wrap you warmly in delicate silk sheets…
feel the heat on my skin beneath soft hands
as we roam wildly across the lands of desire
a fire sizzles…ravages the spirit of delight
like a ferocious love fight for pure ecstasy
it be within…within you
somewhere new it be out there twisting
into thoughts seductive I’m delude…
my wanting feelings exude.
Against the deep night or the light of day
a daydream floats around my dangerous mind
as I find images of bliss within this kiss
my entity crumbles…
I stumble, tripped up on heartbeats that melt me.
Do you see what I see.

Desire’s Fire

It is desire’s fire that frees me from the forgettable
derived from delusion’s wondering eye of dire,
roaming around in squandered robes of pretend,
it offends me…
Idly it bends the very mending of heart’s love
as loves exquisite stitch tries to weave her tapestry
I live in her…I desire her very soul…
as a whole I am absorbed by her in mutual absolute
like the root of an aged tree to the rained ground beneath me
this is we:
Gracious energy like the first touch of your skin,
you within me within love we are free,
beneath my fingertips you feel what my lips don’t speak,
three freaks…you, me and love unique.
Inside your eyes a cascading world is locked in mine
as I find I spiral to the depths of your desire…
that fire that frees me from the forgettable.
My hope exists in and beyond love this way
as I lay dazed in a maize of vivacious bliss
as though a first kiss of deep gentleness yet known…
I am alone waiting to fall.
When love knocks on my heart’s door she will know
through the windows of my wild wanting soul
a new kind of whole let go to the energies of life
as we swing rushing on passion’s wing
like the voice that sings lyrics of hear felt feeling
reeling you in…true believing.
I so crave every piece that exists as your being
seeing beyond just that sexual feeling,
devoured entirely by the way you move,
by the way you move me…
how I feel when I see you feel me
as love is desire’s fire that frees me from the forgettable.
Love bares no chains to those who really see
the exquisite stitch weaved in her tapestry be
her captivating eyes…
Home to her true desires.

This day i am weak

This harrowing day has consumed me with bleak
as I cannot speak I shut the door…
I am weak, saturated in my own sorrow,
sick in my own destruction of self of love.
like a glove squeezing taunt against a gaunt heart
wrenching apart my clinging threads of mind
left behind as I try to fill my day with matter…
I shatter.
As I cannot speak I shut the door,
today I want no more than a gently hand to reach me
touch me…
just be as though I have some kind of intent,
bent up and busted inside my beating chest
today my suffering finds no rest.
Black clouds hang dark to suffocate my space,
a face left faceless suspended and void
yet an asteroid of emotion lives within me.
I look around this day and I want to see
eyes wide open searching free but I am weak
as I cannot speak I shut the door.
Where do I go, what do I feel?
This real we call our waking hours in days,
surreal to me my heart’s blaze burns cold…
and I am old,
grown tired, uninspired of a sequestered soul
I lye ailing, dribbling down this lonesome hole.
Today I want no more than a gentle hand to reach me,
touch me… understand
that I hunger day and night in this demented fight
to reach new heights in connection of a kind,
yet today I find I am weak…
as I cannot speak I shut the door.

My mood peculiar by the moon

In the quaint darkness I hear these whispers,
my mood peculiar by the moon…
arcane eyes transcend a flame fluttering there,
near the window pane candle’s light burns,
turns my thought to dimensions that dwindle
like a solemn spindler’s yarn of silky weaves
of conceived creation by the swindler’s hands
that harden by the years of gifting love’s deeds,
yet gentled by the reeds of nature’s brood…
my mind peculiar by the moon.
The air around breathes life in as breath fades away,
as day becomes the soul of night
and night the fading breath of yesterday…
all the while we play and dance at will
while willing the love we feel to feel
as though breath itself be the only true,
I breathe in you…
my mood peculiar by the moon
I breathe in you

Disgraced by hate

Is it a mad minds endeavor I paint each night
boarding this dimensional flight to no where
as I stare frenzied over the edge of what is
I am dizzy, rolled out red…
bled over the watershed of life.
Strife strikes its blunted blade
across a tirade of prodigal preaching the damned,
hauled out and slammed down filthy pits
this race… disgraced by hate.
Love suffocated…unable to breathe
as darkness weaves her way around me
I see..
ravaged hearts rusted gold to black,
a shack of unshakable poverty roams
through broken homes of bloodied glass walls
she calls…and darkness falls.
This race disgraced by hate
as though fate had set it free
we stand by silently,
our eyes closed to humanity we claw our way,
drag our souls over rows of nails
a failed nation on the rails of ruin.
Inside I die a little…
like a withering tree, brittle and bitter,
twisted up in a time of torched minds
and scorched moulds brought up without hope
as a rope strangled around my swollen throat
I choke…
Mangled clouds of torrid smoke hang high
as hate shapes this age with rings of gore
I pray the voices of the angels fall and soil these ashes.
From dusk to dawn my spirit lashes out in longing,
Lacerated and hated belonging to light
I will fight for peace as this race lives…
disgraced by hate.

The Other

Do i ever meet that insane other
who sees life through my twisted eyes
as a whole i surmise an unknown grace
like a delicate bubble troubled in love,
a mezmirizing space fulled with new and old.
I hold that thought, caught up in these dreams,
I hear your screams pierce through my life
like a knife weilding wild to the heart of me,
yet it be…
Two souls had met before our eyes did see,
before our minds did think,
before our skin did breathe.
Between our lips we speak across a time,
a time we’ve found that’s ours to keep
to shape and mould each day we wake…
each night we sleep.
Deep you slice through all,
a wall i have built crumbles to my feet
like fire’s heat to a coal to the earth…
an unmatched birth of magical.
Gentle beneath the hard wood i see through,
through lies i disguise the words i don’t say
a day dawning undiscovered and coloured,
covered up without the grey.
My heart rhythyms to the emotions of want
as i hunt breathless…
beneath the very boughs from which it stems
out and into me it cries
wrapped in a haven of soft petals and blue skies.
My eyes close to the touch of the breeze
bended knees as she carries you near
on a whisper echoed without fear i believe,
yet will it be…
That time will set us together free


Behind my desk of daily duties I hide obliged,
blind in perceived intent in days debilitating me,
grinding relentless against my need to find meaning…
my bleeding mind leaning against my breaching heart,
preaching intent I cannot grasp.
I gasp for a breath of substance of a sort,
distort in my own demand of dithering paths
like a slithering mole sniffing the trodden ground…
drowning in my intentless surround.
My splotched mind now fired up on a frigid stove,
an imposter, a trove dug up and claimed…
framed as thought the picture of perfect suffering is rule
I plunge…
posing in intent’s pool I seduce my own pseudo smile
and all the while spirit leaks from my soul.
This hovering abandoned hole day in and day out
I’ve filled with doubt of a truth led astray the stars
as hardened scars plow my unburied grave
like the brave face I wear disgraced
my life…
misplaced in this space of intentless surround.